11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen

soundcloud podcasts 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
What podcast are you listening to?

Looking for a new podcast? At Bham Now, we like to keep it local. So here are some podcasts straight out of Birmingham that are worth a listen.

Extra Special Brews (ESB)

Wil Cushman left and Steven Spears right with . Photo via ESB 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Wil Cushman (left) and Steven Spears (right) with Montgomery brewer. Photo via ESB

Dig beer, breweries and casual conversation? Then Extra Special Brews (ESB) is your perfect podcast.

Based out of Birmingham, hosts Wil Cushman and Steven Spears speak with brewery owners to bring you a peek into the workings of the industry, their beers and their stories.

“[Brewers are] every day people like you and me who have hundreds of stories waiting to come to life over a few beers, and that’s what really makes every episode a new adventure.”

Steven Spears, host, ESB

Where to Listen: iTunes, SoundCloud
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Work/Life Imbalance

Sauve sippin with Frank Eastman. Photo via wlicast.com 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Sauve sippin’ with Frank Eastman. Photo via wlicast.com

For a podcast that will make your body jiggle with laughter, Work/Life Imbalance is The One. Hosted by Frank Eastman and Derrick Lewis, this hilarious podcast features weekly comedy advice that focuses on workplace and lifestyle issues.

During each episode, Eastman and Lewis take questions from the audience, tackle thorny workplace topics and riff on issues plucked right from everyone’s B.F.F—the internet.

But be warned. Each episode begins with an opening note stating: Following advice from Work/Life Imbalance may lead to action being taken by HR, your SOs or authorities both higher and human.

With an opening statement like that, you know you are venturing into something humorous.

Where to Listen: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher
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Music Student 101

Photo via Music Student 101 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Photo via Music Sudent 101

Are you enthusiastic and passionate about music? Then be sure to check out Music Student 101. Trust me when I say, it is an asset to any music student. Hosted by expert musicians Matthew Phillips and Jeremy Burns, this podcast’s goal is to inform, assist and empower musicians of all levels.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn while listening to the Music Student 101 podcast:

  1. Ear training tips
  2. Major scales and key signatures
  3. Theory
  4. Being a performer
  5. Playing in a cover band

Where to Listen: YouTube, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, iTunes, Spotify
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Red Mountain Express

Episode 41 of the RME with music from Blue Yonder Music. Photo via Red Mountain Express 2 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Episode 41 of the RME with music from Blue Yonder Music. Photo via Red Mountain Express

For a podcast that is totally local and a great listen, check out The Red Mountain Express—a podcast created in, and for, Birmingham.

Every week, join hosts Blake, Patrick and Matthew as they discuss news and topics from the Red Mountain area and beyond.

Where to Listen: YouTube, Google Play Music, YouTube or fave podcast app
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Bham Rocks

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Badflower @ Workplay. Photo via Bham Rocks

Bham Rocks. Yeah, we all know that! But have you checked out the Bham Rocks podcast? If you are a music fan, you’ll definitely want to tune in!

The Bham Rocks podcast spotlights all the best artists living in and traveling through Central Alabama. During each episode, you’ll have the chance to get to know your favorite bands—and discover new ones—through interviews and reviews.

Rock on Birmingham!

Where to Listen: bhamrocks.com
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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


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Photo via RedStar Reviews podcast

There’s no denying it. I’m a book nerd—and totally proud of it! If you are too, then check out the podcast RedStarReviews.

Hosted by a Birmingham book lover and collector who goes solely by Jacob, this podcast talks about comics, TV shows, movies—and at the heart of it all—books. What could be better?

Where to Listen: AnchorFM, iTunes, redstarreviews.com
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The Popcast

unnamed 1 4 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden working on The Popcast. Photo via The Popcast

“A weekly podcast educating the world on things that entertain, but do not matter.”

What a slogan! But honestly, what could possibly make a more intriguing podcast? The Popcast podcast (say that three times fast!) is a weekly conversation between Birmingham locals Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden. From celebrities and inexplicable trends to conversation-worthy TV shows and movies, the Popcast is all about all things pop culture.

Click here to learn even more about Knox, Jamie and The Popcast. You’ll also get a peek at the duo’s second podcast, The Bible Binge. FYI, it may have the word “bible” in the title, but it’s definitely not your typical devotional audiobook. It’s much more casual, fun and humorous.

Where to Listen: iTunes, Stitcher, knoxandjamie.com
Follow The Popcast VIA: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Inside Pediatrics-Children’s of Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama, Children's of Alabama
Photo via Children’s of Alabama

Children’s of Alabama is known in Birmingham and beyond for the excellent service and care they provide for children and families. But did you know they have their very own podcast?

Each month, you’ll find a new episode featuring doctors from the Birmingham area. Topics are related to:

  • Child health and wellness
  • Research and treatment

Where to Listen: iHeart Radio, Google Play, tunein, Stitcher, iTunes, PlayerFM
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Magic City Medcast Podcast

vintage microphone 11 local Birmingham podcasts that are worth a listen
Photo via Magic City Medcast’s website

UAB is known for its amazing medical program, but it also has a pretty cool podcast. It’s called Magic City Medcast and is produced by UAB’s very own medical students. It’s definitely not your typical medical podcast though. This one covers the incredible and often hidden stories of medicine, medical school and Birmingham. Interesting, huh?

Where to Listen: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, PlayerFM, magiccitymedcast.org, podfanatic.com, myTuner Radio, Overcast
Follow Magic City Medcast VIA: Facebook

YMCA of Greater Birmingham

Birmingham, YMCA, YMCA of Greater Birmingham, podcasts
Photo via YMCA of Greater Birmingham.

The YMCA of Greater Birmingham also has their very own podcast. Each episode features interviews with local YMCA members and staff who provide information to help you get healthy, get involved and be inspired.

Where to Listen: SoundCoud, iTunes, Stitcher, ymcabham.org/podcast
Follow the YMCA of Greater Birmingham VIA:

What other local Birmingham podcasts are people tuning into? Let us know who we missed!

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