Meet Knox, Jamie and Erin of The Popcast and The Bible Binge, 2 entertaining and exciting podcasts based out of Birmingham


Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden host live shows of their podcast! Photo via The Popcast

Are you a podcast listener? A pop-culture lover? Either or all of the above? If yes, The Popcast, a podcast all about pop culture (yes, The Bachelor is featured heavily) needs to zoom right up to the top of your iTunes podcast app. Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy co-host two podcasts: The Popcast and The Bible Binge.

Jamie Golden and Knox McCoy met in an online writing forum years ago and found that they both had an intense love for all things pop culture. In August 2013, they decided to start a podcast called The Popcast where they could dig deep and talk about all the things they loved in detail. Their following has grown rapidly and they now have fans all across the country and the world. They podcast from their homes in Birmingham, but they also host live shows all around the U.S.

What is The Popcast?

“The Popcast is a show dedicated to delightful idiocy. We are dedicated to educating you on the things that entertain, but do not matter.”

from the intro of the Popcast

The Popcast is the first podcast that McCoy and Golden worked on together. It is in the top 3% of all podcasts and has listeners in 60 countries worldwide with more than 5 million downloads. On it, they talk about all things pop culture — that could be anything from The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise to current movies to the ‘yeses and nos’ of topics like wedding or motherhood. New episodes are free for listeners and come out every Wednesday. You can find them on iTunes and on The Popcast website.   


What’s The Bible Binge All About?

The Bible Binge is McCoy and Golden’s second podcast together, which had  765,000 downloads in 2018. They are both religious and wanted to be able to share a little bit of that to go along with their fun and light-hearted topics on The Popcast. However, this is not your mama’s bible devotional audiobook. On The Bible Binge, McCoy and Golden keep their fun and casual tone while discussing a more serious topic. This makes it accessible to all of their listeners, no matter what depth of knowledge they have when it comes to the Bible. Unlike The Popcast, this is a seasonal podcast which is now entering its 5th season, “Shady Ladies of the Bible.” (See, I told you it was still fun.) The 5th season premiers on February 10.

Become a Patron of The Popcast

As if McCoy and Golden weren’t doing enough running two podcasts, they also have an entire site on Patreon where you can find exclusive paid-for content, like extra episodes and deeper dives into their favorite topics. This Patreon is actually what helped The Bible Binge get going — that podcast was originally only available to their Patreon supporters. As they’ve seen its success, they have released it to be available to all listeners, paid or free.

Advice for Someone Starting A Podcast?

Podcasting and running their site is both Knox and Jamie’s full time job. However, they want people to know that it can be done. They both had full time jobs when they started podcasting together, but as the shows took off, they were able to go full-time. I asked them what their best advice was for someone wanting to get into the podcast space.

“Make a commitment for at least six months and be consistent in producing content for that six months.” – Golden

“Everything needs an edit. Edit vigilantly — you first pass is usually not good enough, so trim the fat and highlight the best parts.” -McCoy

“Make content that no one else is making. It is a saturated market, but if you hit a niche, then you can find your people. That is really important to creating original content that hasn’t already been made.” – Moon

Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden of The Popcast and The Bible Binge. Photo via The Popcast

The Popcast Team Talks Faves

The team: Knox McCoy: CTO, co-host/founder, editor. Jamie Golden: CMO, co-host/founder, focus on marketing. Erin Moon: COO, behind the scenes, operations.

Favorite Movie of 2018:

McCoy: Black Panther

Golden: A Quiet Place

Moon: A Star is Born

Favorite TV Show:

McCoy: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (a team fave!)

Golden: Derry Girls

Moon: Schitt’s Creek

Favorite Podcast:

McCoy: White Boy Rick (much better than the movie, he said)

Golden: Gladiator (all about Aaron Hernandez)

Moon: Villians (deep dive into famous movie villains)

Their Favorite Episodes of The Popcast:

This was an easy team decision: Urban Dictionary #13, The Nos of Weddings and The Nos of Motherhood.

Working at Forge

McCoy and Golden and their team love being able to have a workspace away from their in-home recording studios at Forge Coworking. Why do they love it? “Unlimited coffee,” according to Golden! But the pair also told me they loved working downtown in an atmosphere filled with other hardworking creatives. “The energy here is so great, it’s really nice to work downtown”, said McCoy.


Where Can You Find Them?

The Popcast team is on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also find more about them and their episodes on their website and on iTunes. Want to be a paid member? Check out their Patreon.

Want even more? You’re in luck — McCoy recently released his first book, The Wondering Years, which you can find on Amazon and wherever books are sold.

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