Adamson Ford donates goods to help keep the homeless in Birmingham warm this holiday season

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The staff at Adamson Ford donated and collected items to keep the homeless warm this holiday season. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Adamson Ford has built up a bit of a reputation downtown. They don’t just work with the community — they serve the community. They donate food to the community. And this year, they’re helping to keep the homeless warm.  Find out how.

Adamson Partners Work  To Keep The Homeless Warm

The table was overflowing with donations when the donating period was over! Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

This isn’t the first time Adamson Ford has partnered with Just People Project. They have been supporting this non-profit in their efforts to help Birmingham’s homeless community for some time now. The Just People Project (JPP) focuses on serving the 400+ homeless in Birmingham. They work on immediate needs, like serving meals and providing toiletries or clothing. They give haircuts, first-aid, and more.

Learn more about Adamson’s partnership with Just People Project.

Adamson Ford focused their efforts on keeping the homeless warm this month. They set up  a clothing drive in their lobby to which employees were encouraged to donate socks, sweaters, beanies, gloves, hot hands and more. The response was amazing. The team collected over 100 hot hands as well as stacks of sweatpants, beanies and socks. Blankets were lined up on the floor as the table began to overflow with donations.

Kala Mims, Advertising and Marketing Director, let me know that they even had a few customers who came in, saw the drive, and came back with donations. It is this outreach and community focus that has earned Adamson Ford it’s wonderful reputation in the area.

Why Is This Drive Important to Adamson Ford?

“I am most excited to give back during Christmas… I think it’s very important that we remember the reason for Christmas — it’s giving back and helping other people. That’s what it’s all about.” 

Phil “The Deal” Powell
Items donated include hats, scarves, gloves, blankets and more. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

Because Adamson Ford is so community-focused, they worked together in the office to get donations together for the drive. Once Mims got the word out to the staff, everyone got to work. All 6 of the company’s departments donated to the drive. Some donated blankets and beanies, and some donated money for the goods. Monetary donations ranged from $25 up to $100.

“We are family oriented, and we want to make sure Adamson is known for giving back to the community and always helping out.  We feel like it makes our family and work environment stronger when we get together to help others in need.”



Over 100 hot hands were among some of the goods donated. Photo by Lauren Bedford for Bham Now

The period for donations has closed and the team at Adamson Ford is working with JPP to get all the donations delivered to those in need. However, if this story inspired you, you can donate to JPP via this link.

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