What O’Neal Industries’ $30M donation to UAB’s Cancer Center means to Birmingham

uab2 What O’Neal Industries' $30M donation to UAB's Cancer Center means to Birmingham
Craft O’Neal at UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. Photo via UAB

O’Neal Industries is known for their love of Birmingham. For years they have supported Birmingham businesses and given back to many in the community. Most recently, they made a donation of 30 million dollars to UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

Another Birmingham organization that is giving back to UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. 

craft What O’Neal Industries' $30M donation to UAB's Cancer Center means to Birmingham
Craft O’Neal, CEO and chairman of O’Neal Industries, Inc. Photo via UAB

A Historic Donation

The money will go towards expanding patient care and research at UAB. This is the largest gift that the center has ever received, and for this, the center will be renamed in O’Neal’s honor. 

The center will be renamed as the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center at UAB, effective next spring.

We’re thankful to have the opportunity to support UAB’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and hopeful it will have a meaningful impact and cancer prevention, detection and patient care. We also hope it will accelerate the development of more effective treatment and hopefully lead to a cure. 

Craft O’Neal, CEO of O’Neal Industries

Two Important Birmingham Companies

Both the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center and the O’Neal family have been active and important members of the Birmingham community for years.

  • UAB is the only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center in it’s region. The region spans over 4 states. 
  • It also has relationships with Russell Medical Center and North Alabama Medical Center and manages the Deep South Network for Cancer Control, an outreach into underserved communities in Alabama and Mississippi.
  • The UAB Health System maintains a Cancer Community Health Network in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi. 
  • The O’Neal family heads up O’Neal Industries, which is the country’s largest family-owned group of metals service centers.  
  • O’Neal Industries represents a family of 8 affiliate companies: 
    • Leeco Steel
    • O’Neal Flat Rolled Metals
    • O’Neal Steel
    • O’Neal Manufacturing Services 
    • Stainless Tubular Products 
    • United Performance Metals
    • Stainless Tubular Products
    • Locate Supplies
uab What O’Neal Industries' $30M donation to UAB's Cancer Center means to Birmingham
A historic day for UAB! Photo via UAB

UAB, Moving Forward

“UAB’s goal is for our cancer center to offer unsurpassed patient care to be so good and have such expertise that no one from Alabama would ever consider going to any other cancer center in any other state,” said Dr. William Ferniany, CEO of UAB Health System.

O’Neal Industries is helping make that goal a reality. 

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