Newest Shelby County brewery, Siluria Brewing Co., opens in Alabaster

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Siluria Brewing Company’s is actually the old Siluria Post Office. So rich in history! Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

Siluria Brewing Company opened its doors in Alabaster on Saturday, November 10, to a larger-than-expected crowd. 

“We expected to see the same friends and family from our soft opening,” says co-owner Tammy Sample. “But it was so much more. I kept catching my husband [co-owner Danny Sample] just staring at the giant crowd in complete awe. I’d have to go up to him and say ‘snap out of it! we have to serve these people!'” 

What’s up with the name?

Alabaster citizens enjoying a Thursday night brew. Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

Siluria is a former town and current neighborhood in Alabaster, Alabama, and once housed a successful cotton mill and post office. Founders of Siluria Brewing Company, Tammy and Danny Sample, thought it was the perfect name for their ‘mom-and-pop’ brewery in historic downtown Alabaster. They even chose the ‘water tower’ logo because of its rich historic relevancy. “When my kids were in school playing ball, you could see the water tower from the field,” Tammy said. We couldn’t think of anything more local than that.”

A family affair

Family friend Anna Conte and co-owner Tammy Samples are super excited to see what’s next for Siluria.

Siluria Brewing Co. was the dream of Danny (an Army veteran) and Tammy (a dental hygienist) who’ve lived in Alabaster since 1999. While trying to figure out what to do with their time before retirement, Danny suggested the brewery, as he had grown to love local craft beers in his travels throughout the country with the military. And Tammy thought it was a lovely idea. “I remind him all the time how lucky he is that I’m naive,” Tammy jokes as she told us how much simpler she thought the opening would be. Tammy and Danny often man the bar, along with many family friends of the Samples, including their son’s girlfriend, Anna.

“Nothin’ fancy, just good beer”

This flight featured some classic and tasty brews. If it ain’t broke, fon’t fix it, right? Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now

The brewing company’s menu currently includes an IPA, a blonde ale, a stout, a wheat beer and a Hefeweizen, in addition to a alcoholic root beer available to patrons. Though the brewery doesn’t house a kitchen, food trucks will be available to patrons. 

Siluria Brewing joins District Brewing Co. as one of the two new breweries on the block.

Tammy and Danny Sample started out with home brewing before moving to the brewery life. Photo by Hilary Meares of Bham Now.

Siluria Brewing Company is located on 145 First Ave. W. in Alabaster, Alabama. It’s open from Thursday-Saturday, 4pm-11pm.

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