Spotlight on: Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall

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Mindy Rohr
Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall. Photo via Rohr

Have you been to one of the recent events at The Pizitz, like Moonlight Movies or Flashback Brunch? Chances are, you had a great time. You can thank Mindy Rohr for that.

Rohr is the Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall. While she has a background in Event Planning, this job takes that to a whole new level. Not only is Rohr responsible for the event itself, she is also responsible for the operations and all the behind-the-scenes work like social media and marketing.

Lexington To Birmingham

Rohr was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. Always a fan of finding the best restaurants and shops downtown, she started a successful Instagram account and blog called Love, Lexington that she used to highlight the businesses in town. Eventually, this budded into a pop-up style night market called Market 301. The market highlights local makers and shops and, even though Rohr transplanted to Birmingham, the market is still up and running.

I believe it is her love for local shops and the excitement to highlight small businesses that makes Rohr so successful in Birmingham. Ours is a city that loves to support small business and local shop owners, so she is a perfect fit.

pizitz mimosa Spotlight on: Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall
Mimosa deals on Sundays, yes please! Photo via The Pizitz Food Hall

Social Media Maven

As a large part of her career budded out of of her popular presence on social media (namely Instagram), I asked Rohr a few Instagram-specific questions. First I wanted to know what her advice would be to someone who is interested in breaking into the marketing / media field via social media. Here’s what she told me:

  • First, pick a platform and stick with it. For her, it is Instagram. For others, it may be Twitter or Facebook. Finding out where you excel and which platform targets your demographic is an important first step.
  • Good photography is CRUCIAL. She really stressed this point: “If you aren’t a skilled photographer, do some research and learn how to take great photos. Visual content is so important.”  Especially on a platform like Instagram, engagement comes from visual content first and foremost, so make sure it is quality.

“People Want to Feel Comfortable”

Rohr stressed the fact that she always wants her content to have utility. When she started out writing for her own blog, she knew that she wanted to include details in her write-ups. For example, when she visited a new restaurant she shared what was on the menu, what she ordered, what people were wearing, where the parking was, etc. She has taken that mindset with her to The Pizitz Food Hall.

With all of her Instagram posts and social media shares, Rohr aims to answer people’s questions. The day before we talked, she received a question from someone asking about vegan options at the food hall. Rohr is not vegan, but she went around to each food stall and compiled a list of vegan foods that she then shared. The attention to detail that she puts into marketing, events and everything else with the food hall is key to its success.

pizitz food Spotlight on: Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall
Oh, just a casual spread from The Pizitz Food Hall. Photo via The Pizitz Food Hall

Foodie First

“The Birmingham food scene is booming. We don’t cook at home a lot so we have gotten to know the local food scene pretty well. Most of our friends turn to us for ideas of where to go when they have a date night or want to try a new spot.”


(Note: Rohr and her husband Jesse started the Instagram account @badass_bham. Check out the account for Birmingham food scene highlights!)

In talking to Rohr, it’s clear that she is a foodie. She loves to try new restaurants around town, so of course we got to chatting about food. She and her husband recently moved closer to downtown, so they have much more walkability to restaurants and bars. Lucky for her, she works at the food hall, with a variety of choices at all times. So, what would she eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner from the food hall?

pizitz burger Spotlight on: Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall
Sometimes you just can’t beat a burger from The Standard at The Pizitz Food Hall. Add fried egg for a bonus! Photo via The Pizitz Food Hall

A full day of eating at The Pizitz Food Hall

(Please note: this is Rohr’s ideal eating day. Calories don’t count in dream worlds, thank you very much.)

Breakfast: Croque Madame from Alabama Biscuit Co.

Lunch: A burger with a fried egg on it, plus a side of both tater tots and fries from The Standard.

Dinner: Poke bowl from Ono Poke, dumplings from mo:mo, and a glass of rose from The Louis. If she’s not feeling rose, she loves the $5 happy-hour Old Fashioned.

Birmingham Weather and A Great Job

Of course, Rohr loves living in Birmingham now. Although she was born and raised in Lexington, Birmingham has become her home. What’s her favorite thing about Birmingham? The weather! Apparently, Lexington is one of the most overcast cities in the U.S. — who knew?

“We moved here in early May, and every morning I would walk outside to sit on our porch and drink my coffee because I just couldn’t get over the perfect, sunny weather.”


Another one of her favorite things? Her job with The Pizitz. She told me all about the history of the building — did you know that The Pizitz Building was the home of the very first parking deck in downtown Birmingham? And of course, it’s the first ever food hall in Birmingham as well. In addition, there is a basement! Rohr was telling me how excited she is for the new Sidewalk theater to be built downstairs. There will be 2  theaters, and each will seat 100 people and have a concession stand as well as a bar. Construction will start soon (get excited Bham!)

Overall, it is the community aspect of her job that Rohr notes is her favorite:

“I love being downtown and being able to meet and work with the owners of the food stalls. I love being able to share all my favorites with my friends and make connections in the city.”

yoga Spotlight on: Mindy Rohr, Experience Manager at The Pizitz Food Hall
The Pizitz is not just all about food! Stop by for yoga, movies and more. Photo via The Pizitz Food Hall

Interested in more events happening around The Pizitz Food Hall? Forge Coworking space is located on the second floor, and they have some fun events coming up! 

Your Big Idea At Forge on November 15

Your Big Idea is an opportunity to come hear and support the new business ideas being born every day in Birmingham, Alabama! It is an opportunity for our presenters to pitch their business idea to a live audience, receive meaningful feedback from an expert panel and connect with others who could help them on their business venture.

This event is hosted by Forge in the Pizitz building. Happy hour with drinks and hors d’oeuvres from 4:30-5:00, presenters from 5:00 – 6:00.

Presenter #1: Tiffany Martin of Ignite Cycle. Ignite Cycle is Birmingham’s only boutique indoor cycling studio!

Presenter #2: Trey Noland of Trek Environment & Conservation

Presenter #3: Jared Sluss of Housing Connectors


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