Ono Poke to feature new menu items at new Edgewood location opening Friday, October 5

Birmingham, Ono Poke, food, Hawaiin cuisine, Pizitz Food Hall, Homewood
Ono Poke opens in Homewood on Oct. 5. Photo via Ono Poke

Hawaiian cuisine makes a double appearance as Ono Poke opens its second location on Fri., Oct. 5 in Edgewood.

What Is Ono Poke?

Ono Poke, owned by Vinh Tran, opened its first location in the Pizitz Food Hall in 2017. The restaurant was the first to bring Hawaiian cuisine to Birmingham. And it definitely made a name for itself.

The restaurant serves native Hawaiian dishes that consist of diced raw fish in bowls that are either rice or salad based with toppings and sauces. Some include:

  • Spicy tuna
  • Ahi tuna
  • Salmon
  • Cooked shrimp

It also serves vegetarian tofu.

New Options

If you’ve been to Ono Poke at the Pizitz Food Hall, you know they serve a variety of tasty menu items. Well, good news! The new Edgewood location will serve all your faves, plus more!

Yep, when you visit Ono Poke’s in Edgewood, there will be lots of new, tasty options to try.

One dish to check out will be the poke burrito and french fries seasoned in One Poke rice seasoning and dipped in spicy aioli. Yum!

Birmingham, Ono Poke, Hawaiin cuisine, food, Pizitz Food Hall, Homewood
Ono Poke serves delicious Hawaiian cuisine. Photo via Ono Poke

Tasty Drinks

Along with new menu items, Ono Poke’s Homewood location will also feature adult beverages.

Birmingham, Ono Poke, Hawaiin cuisine, food, Pizitz Food Hall, Homewood
Hawaiian cuisine served at Ono Poke. Photo via Ono Poke

Mark Your Calendar

Whip out that calendar, folks. Here are the deets about Ono Poke’s opening:

Ono Poke will open at 934 Oxmoor Rd. in Edgewood on Friday, Oct. 5. Hours are set for 11am-9pm daily.

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