Help your child navigate social media and mental health at Children’s of Alabama on Friday, October 5

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There’s a lot to learn about being online. Photo via Bham Now

We need to better understand how to help our kids navigate the digital world while helping them grow into happy, healthy and confident individuals. While that might seem like a tall order, Children’s of Alabama has just the seminar for you on October 5. Register here.

Join Children’s as they “Navigate the Digital World” in the Bradley Lecture Center. Parents, caregivers and guardians are invited to learn more about cyber bullying, technology and its effect on kids and teens, and protecting children from legal issues relating to social media, cell phones and the internet.

This Friday’s seminar will be held at the Bradley Lecture Center, located inside the Children’s Harbor building at 1600 6th Avenue South. Parking is available in Children’s 5th Avenue parking deck at the corner of 5th Avenue South and 16th Street.

Seminar Details

Parents, guardians and caregivers will join Fox 6’s Melanie Posey as she connects families with the tools they need to help children understand just how big the digital world is. As a news journalist and media personality, Posey knows first-hand what it’s like to be bullied online.

Melanie Posey, a Birmingham media personality for WBRC. Photo via WBRC FOX 6

Her personal A-ha moment as a mother came in the form of reading disparaging comments about herself on social media. Even for an adult—that can be rough. No one—adult or child—likes to be called names. Posey realized that children and teens go through this stuff on social media every day. Through the seminar, she wants to help you help your child with education on these topics:

  • Cyber bullying
  • The effects of technology on kids and teens
  • Protecting your children: a legal perspective
  • Technology and behavioral health
Graphic by Bham Now

All The Details

Here’s the link to register for the seminar, and there is a $10 fee. The fee includes:

  • The seminar
  • Light breakfast
  • Lunch and a snack
  • Parking

Space is limited for the event, and it’s a popular one so register while you can!

Children’s of Alabama + Behavioral Health

This seminar is made possible by Children’s Behavioral Health, the place at Children’s of Alabama where psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurse practitioners and nurses guide children and their families, while providing comprehensive care. These professionals are dedicated to understanding your child and to providing them with the tools to be successful.


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