5 awesome pumpkin patches to visit this fall, including Old Baker Farm and Helena Hollow

5 awesome pumpkin patches to visit this fall, including Old Baker Farm and Helena Hollow
Pumpkins galore in Birmingham. Photo via Helena Hollow

It’s pumpkin time again—and you’re in luck! This weekend marks open season for many amazing pick-your-own pumpkin patches around the greater Birmingham area. Which patch should you visit? Continue reading to find out!

Old Baker Farm

Opening Weekend: Sept. 29-30
Open: Sept. 29-Oct. 31
Time: 3pm-5pm (M-F); 9am-5pm (Sat.); 1pm-5pm (Sun.)
Contact: 205.672.7209
Admission: $10 per person (Kids under 2 – FREE)
Payment: Cash/checks only

Old Baker Farm has been a beloved place for fall activities for years and it continues to be a favorite of many in the greater Birmingham area. So head to Harpersville and catch a hayride to pick your own pumpkin and experience a whole lot of fun!

Birmingham, Old Bakers Farm, Harpersville, pumpkin patch, October, Halloween
Picking pumpkins with my pumpkin at Old Baker Farm in Harpersville. Photo by Patience Itson for Bham Now

Admission Includes:

  • One pumpkin per person
  • All events (excluding: food, arts/crafts, horseback rides)

Find it at 184 Furrow Lane, Harpersville, AL 35078.

Helena Hollow—The Patch

Opening Weekend: Sept. 29-30
Open: Every weekend in Oct.
Time: 10am-6pm (Sat. and Sun.)
Contact: 205.541.8150
Admission: $10 (Kids two and under – FREE)

The Patch at Helena Hollow has been bringing fall fun to the greater Birmingham area since 2016—and it has no plans of stopping. This year, there will be more to do than ever before. Check out new activities such as a bigger and “more corny” corn barn, upgraded slides and the pop-up gift shop, The Farm Company.

Birmingham, Helena Hollow, pumpkin patch, October, Halloween, Helena
Amy Griffin, owner of Helena Hollow’s The Patch is ready for opening day. Photo via Helena Hollow

Admission Includes:

  • Hayride and pumpkin per paid admission
  • Tire mountain
  • Rope obstacles
  • 100 ft. landslide
  • Silo City
  • Bone Digz
  • Bounce Houses
  • Wheel races
  • Tire swings
  • Maze
  • Truck slides
  • Petting zoo
  • 3 pipe slides
  • Pipe-house swings
  • Corn barn
  • Hay run
Birmingham, Helena Hollow, Helena, October, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, petting zoo, animals
The petting zoo at Helena Hollow. Photo via Helena Hollow

There will also be food and craft vendors and live music.

Find The Patch at Helena Hollow at 6027 Hwy. 17, Helena, AL 35080.

The Great Pumpkin Patch

Opening Weekend: Sept. 29-30
Open: Sept. 29-Nov. 4 (Every day)
Time: 8am-4pm (Th.); 8am-6pm (Sat.); 1pm-6pm (Sun.)
Contact: 205-616-6431
Admission: FREE

Find “The Great Pumpkin” and have tons of fun at The Great Pumpkin Patch.

Located in Hayden, AL, you’ll enjoy great entertainment for the whole family. While most pumpkin patches charge admission, this patch offers free admission and pay-only activities.

Priced Activities:

Extreme Bungee: $10 (call for availability)
Inflatable Park: $3 (M-F); $5 (Sat.-Sun.)
Pony Rides: $3 (M-F); $5 (Sat.-Sun.)
Train Rides: $1 (M-F); $3 (Sat.-Sun.)
Petting Zoo: $1 (M-F); $2 (Sat.-Sun.)

Birmingham, The Great Pumpkin Patch, pumpkin patch, October, Halloween
Dogs enjoy picking pumpkins too at The Great Pumpkin Patch in Hayden, AL. Photo via The Great Pumpkin Patch

Covered Wagon Rides

The Great Pumpkin Patch also features covered wagon rides, which everyone will enjoy. (Rides are for groups of 20 or more. Reserve your spot before you ride.)

Ride Price: $7 (per person + pumpkin); $9 (per person/no pumpkin)
Ride Includes: 

  • 2 hotdogs
  • Chips
  • Drinks
  • Unlimited marshmallows
  • 30-min. ride to campfire

Find The Great Pumpkin Patch at 288 County Hwy. 45, Hayden, AL 35079.

Griffin Farms

Opening Weekend: Sept. 29-30
Open: Every weekend in Oct.
Time: 9am-6pm (Sat.); 12pm-6pm (Sun.)
Contact: 205.535.0552
Admission: $10 (Kids under 2 – FREE)
Military Discount: 10% off (must show military ID)
Payment: Cash and credit cards at gate. (Vendors – cash only)

Take a hayride into the pumpkin patch at Griffin Farms and experience fall fun. You can also stop by the country store for unique gifts of boiled peanuts.

Admission Includes:

  • One pumpkin per person
  • Animal farm
  • Bouncy houses
  • Corn maze
  • Hayride to pumpkin patch
  • Corn cribs
  • Playground
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Hay mountain
  • Tire mountain
  • Small rock wall
  • Parent-powered zipline
  • Firetruck
  • Hamster wheel
Birmingham, Griffin Farms, pumpkin patch, pumpkins, October
Fun with corn at Griffin Farms in West Blocton, AL. Photo via Griffin Farms

Extra Charge Activities:

  • Pony rides – $5 per ride
  • Face painting
  • Food vendors (only available on weekend)
  • Zipline
  • 18-ft. rock wall

Zipline and Climbing Wall Info and Requirements:

  • First zip and climb is free. $2 each zip or climb after.
  • Must be eight-years-old
  • Must wear close-toed shoes.

Find Griffin Farms at 826 Griffin Rd., West Blocton, AL 35184.

4D Farm

Opening Weekend: Sept. 28-30
Open: All weekends from Oct. 29-Nov. 3 (Fri.-Sun.)
Time: Times vary.

Looking for a fall event that is family-friendly? Head to 4D Farm in Cullman and get exactly what you’re searching for.

Birmingham, 4D Farm, Cullman, October, festivals, pumpkin patch, pumpkins
Barn fun at 4D Farm in Cullman. Photo via 4D Farm

Admission Includes:

  • Pillow Bounce
  • Barnstormer Tubing Slide
  • Cow Train
  • Hay Ride
  • 80 Black Mamba Slide
  • Lane’s Landslide
  • Zipline (200 ft.)
  • BarnYard Ball Zone (Football and Basketball)
  • Corn Bins
  • Rat Rollers
  • Sand Pit
  • 2 story Play Barn
  • Tire Mountain
  • Rubber Duck Races
  • Live Pig Races

Extra Charge Activities:

  • Mechanical Bull Riding  $4
  • Pony Rides  $4
  • Corn Cannon  4 shots for $2
  • Gemstone Mining – $6 and up

Pumpkins at 4D Farm

Pumpkins are NOT included in admission price at 4D Farm. So here are a few things to know.

If you want to purchase pumpkins, but don’t want to visit the farm, you can! While you will pay the admission fee for access to the pumpkin patch, you will be refunded your admission cost when you exit.

Price of Pumpkins:

  • Carving pumpkins: $ .42 per pound
  • Specialty pumpkins: $ .59 per pound
  • Pie pumpkins: $4

Find 4D Farm at 7182 County Rd 703, Cullman, AL 35055.

What is your favorite pumpkin patch in Birmingham?

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