6 innovative everyday solutions from Alabama Launchpad finalists. Who will win $50,000 and $100,000 on Thursday, Sept. 27?


Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, Apex Pro
July 2018 Alabama Launchpad winners Apex Pro. Who will get the big check next? Photo submitted

Innovation means job creation. The six startups vying for capital at the next Alabama Launchpad competition on Thursday, Sept. 27, have the potential to do just that. Check out the innovative ways these Alabama startups hope to improve our everyday lives.

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Concept Stage Finalists For $50K Prize

1. Wheelchair-Accessible Ride Sharing

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, Moovmo, Birmingham
Image via Moovmo, Facebook
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: Moovmo 
  • Home base: Birmingham
  • Why we need it: Uber and Lyft have transformed how we get from point A to B. But for citizens with disabilities who need to catch a wheelchair-accessible ride, the ride sharing industry has a ways to go.
  • Moovmo’s solution: It’s the first ride sharing service specifically for people who require wheelchair-accessible vehicles. It touts upfront and affordable fares, 24/7 service, vetted and trained drivers, and regularly inspected vehicles, as well as on-demand, dedicated and scheduled rides.

2. Independent Senior Living With Peace Of Mind

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, Tomeah Health, Matt Pierce, Birmingham
Tomeah Health CEO Matt Pierce and his grandmother, Jenny (aka Ninny). Photo via tomeah.com
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: Tomeah Health
  • Home base: Birmingham
  • Why we need it: More than 46 million people over the age of 65 live in the U.S. The number increases by 10,000 each day. How can we help senior citizens in need of assistance maintain their independence and reduce the stress on immediate family members?
  • Tomeah Health’s solution: The app-based system helps clients schedule and pay caregivers for all sorts of non-medical home care needs. Tomeah vets and trains the caregivers in its network. The app sends notifications to family members when caregiving appointments begin and end.    

3. A Better Way To Pump

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, FuelFox, Birmingham
FuelFox comes to you. Photo via FuelFox
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: FuelFox (get the full story from Bham Now)
  • Home base: Birmingham
  • Why we need it: I speak for myself. I am notorious for riding around with my fuel light on, risking it all and eeking out every last mile, simply because I do not feel like stopping for gas. Who’s with me?
  • FuelFox’s solution: This app-based service allows you to schedule onsite fuel-ups. You don’t even have to be there, and they’ll check your tires and clean your windshield to boot.

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Seed Stage Finalists For $100K Prize

1. Turning Waste Into Fuel

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, Neowaste
A sketch of a Neowaste facility that could produce 6,000 gallons of synthetic fuel a day from waste materials. Image via neowaste.com
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: Neowaste
  • Home base: Birmingham
  • Why we need it: Waste disposal costs range from $100 to $300 per ton. The world discards than 2 billion tons of valuable material each year, and landfills are filling up. Plus, long-term fuel stability is a geopolitical issue.
  • Neowaste’s solution: This is a two birds, one stone deal. Neowaste wants to divert waste from landfills and use it to create synthetic fuel, or “neofuel.” According to Neowaste’s website, one ton of plastic waste can produce 260 gallons of fuel.

2. Score One For Teachers 

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, Subzz
Image via Pixabay
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: Subzz 
  • Home base: Montgomery
  • Why we need it: Teachers, like all of us, get sick and have other situations arise where they need to miss work. But they don’t have the luxury of just calling in. They must find a substitute, and that can be quite the task.
  • Subzz’ solution: Subzz is substitute management software for schools that promises to take away the administrative headache of scheduling substitute teachers. Testimonials from clients note reduced phone calls and administrative forms, as well as increased substitute fill rates.

3. Better Coordination Of Care = Better Patient Outcomes 

Alabama Launchpad finalist, Alabama Launchpad finalists, Alabama Launchpad, MD Mobile Care
MD Mobile Care bridges the gap between hospital and home. Photo via mdmobilecare.com
  • Alabama Launchpad Finalist: MD Mobile Care
  • Home base: Mobile
  • Why we need it: We all know how confusing doctors’ instructions can be. This is particularly true for those with chronic illnesses or who are transitioning back home after a hospital stay.
  • MD Mobile Care’s solution: This company uses a team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, medication reviews and home visits to better coordinate care between providers and patients. It promises to reduce errors, lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

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