Tired of pumping gas? This app does one thing no other app does and will soon hit the streets in Birmingham

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Are Gas Stations Obsolete?
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If you would rather ride on fumes than take time out of your busy schedule to stop at the gas station you’re not alone. Coming online this summer, FuelFox is an innovative service that brings users a cleaner, safer and more efficient way for consumers to fill up their tanks.


Many Americans feel that gas stations are an unpleasant experience, unsafe, inconvenient and are a waste time for those who run on tight schedules.

Prayers Answered
Bham Now Fuel Fox
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Last week Birmingham native Ben Morris announced that he has come up with a solution when he introduced his new venture FuelFox, an app-based onsite fuel delivery service in Alabama for tech-savvy consumers who hate wasting time stopping at a gas station.  

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“I recognized that we have a problem in this country that has not been addressed since the first gas station opened in 1913,” said Ben Morris, Founder and CEO of FuelFox. “My experiences with gas stations have always been unpleasant, and with a wife, three children and my busy lifestyle, I created FuelFox to solve the problems associated with gas stations.”

How to become a FuelFox Member
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To become a member, a user simply downloads the FuelFox app, creates a profile and then they can easily schedule a time to gas up their tank. You’ll input the color, license plate of their vehicle, photo of the vehicle and their service information. You’ll be asked to store your payment information within the app.

How the Service Works
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You’ll receive a reminder the day before FuelFox will deliver their gas.  On the day that your car will be filled with gas, you will receive another reminder as FuelFox is driving to your location to confirm that they need gas. Confirm your order on the app, and FuelFox will deliver the gas.  You do not have to be present to receive services. Just leave the gas tank door open.

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FuleFox also will check your tires, clean the front windshield and notify members of any issues with their cars.  Once the vehicle is serviced, the member will get a receipt with the number of gallons they received, price per gallon and the amount charged to their credit card.

“FuelFox will offer the same services you used to get at a full-service gas station at self-service prices,” Morris added.

When will the Service be available?
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The service will be available in Jefferson and Shelby counties later this summer. In the meantime, sign up at Fuelfox.net so that you can get updates on when the service will be available in your area.

Morris said FuelFox has one, simple mission:

“We solve the multitude of problems with gas stations by bringing fuel directly to the consumer,” said Morris.

What are your thoughts? Will you become a member of FuelFox?

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