6 Birmingham bands you don’t want to miss, including Wilder Adkins

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Wilder Adkins playing at Seeds Coffee House in Homewood. Photo provided by Wilder Adkin’s instagram

Last week, we asked for local artists that have recently released music, and Birmingham responded with bands too good not to share. We wanted to provide an additional list of all the great bands with Birmingham roots.

Rock N Roll Bands

1. The Pollen

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From Birmingham, The Pollen has been making music since 2017. Photo provided by The Pollen’s instagram

With their first album debuting in 2017, The Pollen produce music with a raw sound and relatable lyrics. These friends create a chill vibe with deep undertones.

Members: Brennan Walker, Wesley Malone, Rigdon Hendrix, Matthew Siple
Genre: Indie Rock

2. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires

With music and lyrics that have deeply affected the artists, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires focuses on growing up in Birmingham, but these themes are universal. Since 2010, Bains and his band have been unashamedly themselves believing that in order to be their best selves they cannot deny who they are.

Members: Lee Bains, Blake Williamson, Eric Wallace, Adam Williamson
Genre: Rock N Roll

Upcoming: Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires will be playing at The Firehouse on Oct. 19th and The Nick on Oct. 20th.

3. GDR (The Goddamn Rights)

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The GDR started as a cover band but eventually made a name for themselves. Photo provided by GDR’s instagram

In 2016, GDR began as a tribute Helmet band for a Halloween party, but it didn’t take them long to decide that this was a real dream for them. They first album on Spotify as released in 2018, and they will be back in the studio in December. They are eager to create more music for their punk and metal fans. They describe themselves as “a four-piece, foul mouthed, vicious punk rock band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama.”

Members: Jeff, Ben, Tommy and Mike
Genre: Punk/ Noise Rock

Upcoming: On October 24th, GDR will be playing at The Nick.

Other Birmingham Based Genres

4. Steel City Jug Slammers

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With a sound true to Birmingham, The Steel City Jug Slammers recently released a new album. Photo provided by Steel City Jug Slammers’ instagram

If the name alone doesn’t scream Birmingham then this six-piece band will for sure. The Steel City Jug Slammers have been touring independently coast to coast, and just realized a brand new studio album. They’ve played in the Brooklyn Folk Festival as well as our very own Alabama Theater. Since November 2012, the Steel City Jug Slammers have been taking it back to their roots and making music worth checking out.

Members: Ramblin’ Ricky Tate, Washtub Jay, Byron Barry Tate, GW Henderson, Anthony Suttonwood, Tyjo
Genre: Country Blues / Folk

Upcoming: At The Nick (Birmingham) on Oct. 4th, they will be playing.

5. Wilder Adkins

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A talented musician and songwriter, Wilder Adkins creates beautiful music. Photo provided by Wilder Adkins’s instagram

Wilder Adkins  recently recorded music in Boutwell Studios in Homewood. He’s won performance and songwriting competitions in New York City. With a smooth sound and deep lyrics, Wilder Adkins is surely making a name for himself by combining the power of poetry with relevant theories in a beautifully musical package.

Members: Wilder Adkins and Jenny the Ghost Girl
Genre: Lo-Fi/ Art-Folk/ Americana / Singer-songwriter / Indian Classical / Dulcimer Jazz

6. The Murder of Jane Crow

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With a new album on the horizon, The Murder of Jane Crow is well-known around Birmingham. Photo provided by The Murder of Jane Crow’s instagram

The Murder of Jane Crow has been given the nickname: “the hardest working band in Birmingham” due to the amount of gigs that they play at. Proud of their classically trained backgrounds, each member brings their own piece to the musical puzzle. With a multitude of genres fused together The Murder of Jane Crow is fighting hard to create a unique sound and they will have their first full-length album drop later in the fall.

Members: Jane Crow, Jane Grace, Haleigh Black and Jimmy Branham
Genre: Classically inspired Gypsy Ballads

Upcoming: At the Red Hills Brewing Company on October 12th, The Murder of Jane Crow will be playing.

We’re all about that Local Birmingham Sound

In Birmingham, we support our own. As they remember their roots and create outstanding music, let’s continue to raise the hype for these Birmingham bands that we adore.

If I missed an up and coming band with recently released music that has traction, let me know: holly@bhamnow.com.
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