Root to Tail Chef Ben Vaughn to open Libertine’s Pizza Co. this Saturday, September 15

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Libertine’s Pizza Co. pizza truly calling my name. Photo by Libertine’s Pizza Co. Instagram

If you’re interested in the growing Birmingham restaurant scene and delicious pizza, we have some good news for you. Former Food Network host, author and renowned chef Ben Vaughn is opening a classic pizzeria called Libertine’s Pizza Co. this Saturday, September 15, in Five Points in the old Cosmo’s Pizza spot.

“The word ‘libertine’ means low of moral character,” Chef Ben Vaughn said. “As in, the style of food. It’s delicious, heavy and honestly bad for you. Not healthy. Does that make sense?”

Does that make sense? Um, yeah it does. You mean Vaughn isn’t trying to convince us that cauliflower crust pizza is a viable substitution for regular? SIGN. ME. UP.

Describe Libertine’s in one phrase? All quality everything.

“We’re taking a chef’s mentality of a kitchen to a pizza restaurant,” Vaughn explained. That’s what sets them apart from your average Mom and Pop’s pizza shack. In Libertine’s kitchen, EVERYTHING in made in house, and handled with care. The pizza dough alone takes several days to make, and the ingredients are locally grown (that’s simply the standard) and dynamic with the menu.

Chef Vaughn doesn’t play when it comes to choosing his ingredients. Photo by Libertine’s Pizza Co. Instagram

In addition to pizza, the menu items include salads, sandwiches and specialty pasta. Vaughn mentioned that his favorite item on the menu currently is his Grandma’s Lasagna.

After opening Root to Tail last year in Mountain Brook, Vaughn said choosing pizza for his second Birmingham project was the natural next step. “It was super organic. Especially since the space was originally designed for pizza,” Vaughn said. He moved to Birmingham with his wife and four kids just last year, but the growing restaurant culture made Vaughn a Magic City believer for a good while. He’s even in talks of opening other restaurants in the area.

You had me at pizza. When and where?

Libertine’s Pizza Co. is on 2012 Magnolia Avenue in Five Points. It’s opening from 11AM-10PM on most weekdays and 11 a.m-2 a.m (late night pizza–YAY!) on weekends. The store has a limited dining space, so they will deliver within an 8 mile radius of the store.

Libertine’s Pizza Co. opens this Saturday, September 15. Photo by Libertine’s Pizza Co Instagram

How excited are you to visit Birmingham’s latest pizza stop? Let us know!

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