Yes, Virginia, there is a FART Fairy. 4 things to know about Free Art Bham and citywide scavenger hunt fun.

Birmingham, Alabama, Free Art Bham, Free @rt Bham, FART Fairy, Free Art Friday
Art hunters pose with their Friday find. Photo via @freeartbham, Instagram

Have you heard of the FART Fairy? Unlike jolly St. Nick or the Tooth Fairy, she is real (her name is Ashley Guest), and through Free Art Bham, she’s brightening our Fridays with free art and scavenger hunt fun in Birmingham locales, from restaurants and breweries to the Rainbow Viaduct and Railroad Park. (FART, BTW is a portmanteau combining free and art. Why, what were you thinking?)

Birmingham, Alabama, Free Art Bham, Free @rt Bham, FART Fairy, Free Art Friday
A piece of art waits to be found. Photo via Free Art Bham’s Facebook page

1. What Is Free Art Bham?

It started with a global movement called Free Art Friday, in which participating artists give back to the community by giving away a work of art. Free Art Bham, also spelled Free @rt Bham, is the Birmingham chapter, founded in July by local artist Ashley Guest.

Guest got the idea while researching another project, and she recruited 10 local artists to launch the first Free Art Friday event in the Magic City. Now it’s a regular event. Artists of all mediums and skill levels are encouraged to participate in Free Art Bham.

2. How Artists Can Participate On 4th Fridays

It’s easy to join the Free Art Bham artist community. Create and leave a piece of art somewhere in Birmingham on the fourth Friday of the month. Post location clues on social media with the hashtags #fartbham and #freeartfriday so the art-loving public can begin their search.

3. Other Fridays (At The FART Fairy’s Whim)

“The FART Fairy leaves artwork out randomly on the first, second or third Friday of each month. You never know what and when she will be dropping, so don’t wander off too far and BE KIND, spread the word so others can learn how to score free art!”

via @freeartbham, Instagram

4. How To Join The Hunt

Follow Free Art Bham on Facebook and Instagram, as well as the hashtags #fartbham and #freeartfriday for clues. Clues usually include a picture of the artwork and a couple of photos that hint at the location. 

If you think you know the place, head out the door. If you’re the first one there, it’s yours.

Post a photo of yourself with your loot on social media, using the hashtags #fartbham and #freeartfriday so everyone knows the art has been claimed. It’s as simple as that. (No tug-of-wars over the art, please.)

Looking for more ways to bring art into your life without breaking the bank? Try a free drop-in drawing class at the Birmingham Museum of Art. The next one is scheduled for Sept. 16.

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