AT&T adds 26 zones of capacity to increase cellular service at Bryant-Denny

Birmingham, Alabama, Bryant-Denny Stadium, football
Inside Bryant-Denny Stadium. Photo via University of Alabama Athletics

Have you ever been to a large venue like a football game and you’re not able to post that cute selfie you just took? Then you think to yourself … how is it 2018 and your larger than life cell provider is not able to give you proper service while being around a million people? Well, if you’ve been that person before while at Bryant-Denny Stadium then you may have an opportunity to finally post that selfie!

AT&T has recently launched a brand new Distributed Antenna System (DAS) at Bryant-Denny Stadium to support fans on game day  but also on campus throughout the school year. AT&T has added 26 additional zones of capacity including 10 new transition zones outside the stadium to ensure total coverage and connectivity. This doubles the LTE coverages around Bryant-Denny in comparison to last year.

Birmingham Alabama
Bryant -Denny Stadium at halftime. Photo by Pat Byington, Bham Now

By adding 26 zones of capacity and 10 new transition zones outside of the stadium, DAS will help lessen the pressure on wireless networks when thousands of people close together are using their cell phones at once. Basically, you can post any and everything on social media during game day in Tuscaloosa!

Last year, Alabama fans used over 11.2 TB of mobile data! That’s more than 32 million selfies from Bryant-Denny alone!

AT&T has increased their services across the entire University of Alabama campus by implementing a 5G LTE evolution service that demands wireless data services and connectivity when needed most. Centralized Radio Access Nodes (CRAN) are located on light poles around the campus, helping people with battery life, data capacity, and potential data speeds.

AT&T Birmingham
via AT&T

As the number of students admitted to the University of Alabama continues to increase, AT&T is taking serious initiatives to make everyone’s wireless experience a better one. From going to class, to traveling down Fraternity Row to get to Bryant-Denny, AT&T wants to stay ahead of the game!

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