Give back to your community. Join the Freshwater Land Trust adopt-a-trail initiative

Freshwater Land Trust
Leadership of Dynamite Hill-Smithfield Land Trust. They were the first organization to adopt a trail this spring and have completed a couple of very impactful cleanups on their adopted trail, Enon Ridge. Photo courtesy of Freshwater Land Trust.

Want to give back to your community? Adopt-a-trail.

The Freshwater Land Trust is seeking volunteers and organizations throughout Jefferson County to adopt a part of the 100 mile – plus Red Rock Trail System.

Here is the how it works.

The Trail System

The Red Rock Trail System is a network of trails, parks, bike lanes, and sidewalks in Jefferson County, Alabama. Through this trail system, the Land Trust  goals are to increase and diversify community access to the outdoors while conserving some of Alabama’s most beautiful green spaces.

Red Rock is made up of six major corridors spanning Jefferson County. Each corridor consists of different types of trails that connect the county together. The main trails primarily follow the Birmingham area waterways.

Screen Shot 2018 08 09 at 8.45.03 AM Give back to your community. Join the Freshwater Land Trust adopt-a-trail initiative

Since 2010, the Land Trust has completed over 100 miles of trails throughout Jefferson County! Visit  to see which trails are near you.

Who Can Volunteer

Everyone is welcome!

The Freshwater Land Trust works with all people and organizations interested in caring for the Red Rock Trail System. Volunteers can include:

NeighborhoodAssociations, Sports Teams,Hiking,Running, Biking/Enthusiasts, Families, Individuals, Church Groups, School Groups, Senior Citizens, Garden Clubs

Volunteers activities
GMC Adopt a Trail Give back to your community. Join the Freshwater Land Trust adopt-a-trail initiative
Goodwyn Mills Cawood volunteers first workday on the Jones Valley Trail. Photo courtesy of the Freshwater Land Trust.

The trails need someone to look after and take care of them.

Examples of the activities:

Pick up litter, rake leaves, sweep trails, pull weeds, plant native plants, remove invasive plants, complete beautification or art installation projects, complete scouting projects, create educational signage, report potential trail hazards, illegal dumping, storm damage, or other trail concerns.

Easy stuff.

Time commitment
Freshwater Land Trust
Treeline Expeditions LLC first workday on the Kiwanis Vulcan Trail. Photo from Freshwater Land Trust.

In a nutshell, a group will adopt a mile of trail and commit to a minimum of 2-hours of trail work every other month.

Get Involved

“We encourage anyone interested in giving back to their community and supporting the growing Red Rock Trail System to consider adopting a trail. It’s a fun way to meet other trail enthusiasts, spend time outdoors, and promote trails in the Greater Birmingham area!” said Carolyn Buck, Red Rock Trail System Director.

Adopt-a-trail today!

Make a difference today. Email Carolyn Buck at or call her directly at 205-417-2777.

Be a part of something special. Give back to your community by adopting a trail.

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Pat Byington

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