3 things I learned about YPBirmingham, as they celebrate 10 years of networking

YP Birmingham Board Members: (l-r): Mario Addison, Ryan D’Alessio, Ryan Smith, Randall Porter, Brailyn Hardy, George Constantine, Lorenzo Johnson, and Emily Bentley via Cody Short for Bham Now

For 10 years YPBirmingham continues to create networks that anyone can join.

1. YP Birmingham Partners with non-profits

Once a month YPBirmingham hosts a social event for both members and non-members. At the events, YPBirmingham partners with a non-profit as their highlighted outreach of the month, along with special guests.

For the month of July, they hosted a social event at Tin Roof in partnership with Birmingham Museum of Art.

Members of YP Birmingham socializing at Tin Roof, via Cody Short for Bham Now.

“We’ve become the staple young professional organization in the community where we get calls and texts from non-profits and companies looking to connect their employees, said Lorenzo Johnson, vice president of YP.

“Asking can we get them involved and connected to different people and organizations because they don’t know where to start. That 10 years of building up those things, have made us the destination place for employers, nonprofits, and for all of those different target markets.”

“We’ve built a reputation of being the organization to lead people to the most current innovations in the city,” said Ryan Smith, president of YP.

Members of YP Birmingham serving themselves food, via Cody Short for Bham Now.

2. There is no age limit 

To become a member of YPBirmingham you have to be at least 21 years old, but there is no age limit.

3. Great Membership Perks

You can sign up and pay for your yearly membership on the website and receive tons of benefits, such as:

  • Free admission to all YPBirmingham Socials (Approx. 9-10 Socials per year, guests will normally pay $10-$20)
  • First 100 YPBirmingham Members receive a free drink ticket at each social or access to an open bar.
  • For events with a raffle, YPBirmingham Members get a free raffle ticket to have a chance and win big prizes!
  • Free admission to their Christmas cocktail event (non-members pay $40-50).
  • Discounts at exclusive and special events events in town.

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