Coworking at Forge means networking with lots of movers and shakers (and spinners), like boutique cycle studio owner Tiffany Martin

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Ignite Cycling founder Tiffany Martin. Photo via Tiffany Martin

Ever been to a an exercise studio in Birmingham that’s dedicated solely to spin classes? Not yet? Ignite Cycle owner Tiffany Martin wants to change that.

The Cycling Life

A University of Southern California graduate, Martin has always been into the gym scene and has worked in gyms and boutique studios all over the country. Before moving to the Birmingham, Martin and her husband lived in Boston. While there, she started teaching group fitness classes and cycling classes. It was during this time that she discovered her passion for cycling and how fitness can change lives.

Tiffany said,

“I fell in love with being an instructor and also being a rider. I love being able to create this amazing experience for people,” 

Let Ignite Cycle inspire you to be your best self! Photo via Ignite Cycle Instagram

Creating Her Niche

When Tiffany found out that her husband’s work would be relocating them to Birmingham, she decided it was time to find her niche in the job world. After some market research, she discovered that Birmingham has plenty of spin class enthusiasts, but no boutique cycling studios that are dedicated just to cycling.

“When I found out that there were no boutique cycling studios in Birmingham, I realized it was something I really wanted to create and bring to the area,” 

Ignite Cycle is coming to Birmingham! Photo via Tiffany Martin

Doing The Body Good

Tiffany’s studio will be named Ignite Cycle. Tiffany said the mission is,

“to be a community for you to discover and become your best self, and cycling is how we do it.”

Classes at Ignite will be full of music and fun! So fun that Tiffany describes the classes as a “party on a bike”.

“It’s a party on a bike, but it’s also a lot more than that,” Tiffany said. “It is that feeling where you’re somewhere and you’re dancing with a bunch of people—some you know— some you don’t. There is just this amazing energy among everyone because you are all moving together. Everyone is together feeling free, and with that feeling, you are doing something really good for you and your body.”

Grow stronger and more confident at Ignite Cycle. Photo via Ignite Cycle Instagram

No Shame In This Game

Positivity is a huge aspect of Ignite Cycle. While working at other gyms and spin boutiques around the nation (Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Seattle), Tiffany found that there is often a sense of shame, rather than pride, present among fitness centers.

“The environment at Ignite Cycle will be positive,” Tiffany said. “It’s all about living your best life, appreciating your body’s ability to move, choosing the best things for you and enjoying what life has to offer and not feeling guilty or shameful about it.”

It’s this emphasis on positivity that Tiffany hopes will set the “Ignite experience” apart from other fitness experiences in the city.

“Instructors at Ignite will go through a six-week training program on safety, our method, and keeping the culture and brand consistent for everyone,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany plans to carry over her mission of positivity and motivation to her instructors as well.

Head instructor and owner of Ignite Cycle, Tiffany Martin.
Photo via Tiffany Martin

When And Where

Ignite is set to open late this year or early 2019. The location will be announced soon, and we will bring you that information! Stay tuned for more information regarding when and where.

One thing is for sure, when you take your first Ignite class you’ll wonder if you can take a class everyday — and you totally can!

The Perfect Workspace At Forge

After completing her market research and coming up with the idea for Ignite Cycle, Tiffany began planning. She has spent the last year creating and developing her business model and brand while working out of Forge, a place she says she fell in love with because of its physical space and also the idea behind it.

Tiffany has worked out of the Forge space for a little over a month, and said that she feels like she can be very productive in the space.

What’s an ideal day like for Tiffany while working out of Forge?

“It’s a lot of community, coffee, and skittles,” Tiffany said. “The community is so great, it is really fun being aware of what other people are up to in Birmingham, and it is much more motivating than sitting on my couch with my computer. Forge also has a really great playlist, which is great to work to.”

For updates, tips and more on Ignite Cycle, check out their website and follow them on Instagram.

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