The best thing about Four Corners Gallery is the 6 preservation services they offer

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Four Corners Gallery wants to help you preserve what’s important. Photo by Hannah Williams for Bham Now

If it’s special enough to frame, it deserves to be preserved, and that’s exactly what Four Corners Gallery can do with your mementos.

Four Corners Gallery, established in 1999, is a full-service, custom framing, restoration and installation shop. For your GPS, here’s the street address: 4700 U.S. 280 Birmingham, 35242.

Four Corners Gallery storefront right on Hwy 280. Photo via Four Corners Facebook page

Framing isn’t the only thing that Four Corners Gallery specializes in. From original art and photo restoration, to delivery and installation, they truly do it all.

One-Stop Shop

Here’s the thing about Four Corners Gallery: you can trust them. The staff are preservation experts who believe that:

“If it’s worth framing, it’s worth preserving.”

Walking into the store it’s clear that they have a wide variety of services and talents here. Offering over 4,000 frames, they also have the largest selection of frames in Alabama.

Four Corners Gallery offers over 4,000 frame options. Photo by Hannah Williams for Bham Now
Frame options

Frames of all shapes, sizes and materials can be found at Four Corners Gallery. Long gone are the days of simple black frames. You can count on many unique frame selections like:

  • Acrylic
  • Hand-painted
  • Leather
  • Paper-covered, and many, many more
Four Corners Gallery offers frames of all shapes, sizes and materials — including hand painted frames. Photo by Hannah Williams for Bham Now
Preservation Services
  • Custom framing
    You can bring in just about anything, and the Four Corners staff will help you with framing it while preserving it. The art can be flat or 3-dimensional.
  • Restoration and conservation of originals
    Bring in prints, paintings, documents, certificates, letters, maps and more to be restored back to their original states.
  • Digital restoration and archival printing
    With digital restoration your original photo or artwork is left in its existing condition. Four Corners will then scan, digitally correct and enhance, and print a new archival reproduction. This service is perfect if you have photos you want resized or changed in color. They will look good as new and perfect for sharing with family and friends.

In addition to aged photos they can also enrich and print photos off your phone. Want a family beach photo printed on a canvas and embellished with paint or one mounted to acrylic for a frameless look? Four Corners can do all of it. Bring in your phone and the Four Corners staff will help you decide the best printing option for your digital file.

Here’s a before-and-after digital photo restoration. Photo via Four Corners Gallery
  • Image scanning and digital storage
    You may have photos, letters or memorabilia that you want to record digitally. The Four Corners team can help you scan those items and store them all in an archive.
  • Archival storage products
    Whether you have a stack of documents, photos or artworks that you would like to archive, Four Corners offers preservation storage boxes and albums. Visit Four Corners to discuss solutions for protecting and organizing your most precious mementos. The Four Corners staff can direct you with how to best conserve your items based on their material — newspapers, photos, and fabrics all require unique environments for preservation.
Four Corners can help you archive your most precious items. Photo by Hannah Williams for Bham Now
  • Frame repair and refinishing
    Frames deserve the same respect as the artwork they hold. Bring in your old frames to Four Corners and their frame restoration specialist can handle all your repair needs.

Representing local artists and more

Looking for that perfect gift or in the market for a beautiful art piece? Four Corners Gallery displays and sells artwork from local, regional, national and international artists. From small prints to large-scale paintings, Four Corners Gallery offers artwork in many sizes and formats.

In the market for a beautiful art piece? Four Corners Gallery has you covered. Photo by Hannah Williams for Bham Now
Delivery and installation

Long gone are the fears of driving down 280 and trying to get your new piece home safely. Once you your piece is finished don’t worry about fitting it in your car or trying to hang it by yourself. Four Corners Gallery offers delivery and installation services for both residential and commercial clients.

Hours and more

4700 U.S. 280., Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 980 – 2600
Mon. – Fri. 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. / Sat. 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. /
Sunday: Closed

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