A closer look at new plans for Printer’s Corner on 18th Street, 2nd Ave. South

Depiction of Printer’s Corner sitting on 18th Street and 2nd Ave. South, via H2 Real Estate
“You Are Beautiful”

Orchestra Partners, a local strategic development company, announces the remodeling plan of Printer’s Corner, a historic building, that was once used as a major printing press. Located in the 18th Street South Parkside District, the building is known for its shell structure and graffiti reading, “You Are Beautiful”. H2 Real Estate is the listing agency.

As the gentrification in downtown Birmingham continues, the building has drawn a lot of attention to investors because of its high ceilings and industrial look. On the 2nd floor of the building, residents will have the ability to purchase shells and customize them with upgrades like an additional bedroom or an outdoor patio.

Have It Your Way

Residents will have a views of either Red Mountain or downtown Birmingham. H2 is currently drafting purchasing agreements for the shells, which should be ready for buyers in the fall!

“You Are Beautiful”. Photo by Cody Short for Bham Now

“With inventory downtown so low there is a large segment of people who aren’t able to find the type of home they’re looking for. These shell units provide an opportunity for those who’ve always wanted to live in the city to create the home they’ve desired but haven’t been able to find.” – Lynlee Hughes, listing agent, H2 Real Estate

This renovation will provide more housing options for UAB employees or citizens looking for city life, but not wanting to live in an apartment of regular condo. The 18th Street and 2nd Avenue South venue will also be used for new restaurants, such as Twisted Root Burger Co. The renovation of Printer’s Corner will serve as another communal location for those visiting Railroad Park and Regions Field.

Twisted Root Burger in Vestavia Hills, via Twisted Root Burger website
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