Birmingham City Schools change dress code policy, calling it a transition year

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Photo Courtesy of Birmingham City Schools, via Facebook.

On Tuesday night, the Birmingham City Schools (BCS) held their board meeting and announced there would be a change in the dress code policy.

The Birmingham Board of Education did not initially release the news of the policy changes. However, the board meeting was live streamed, and the news of the changes in the dress code quickly spread to parents.

Wyeisha Pullum questioned the decision:

“Why are you saying something three weeks before school starts? Uniforms have been bought. We should have been notified in May about this change.”

Photo Courtesy of Birmingham City Schools, via Facebook.

Many other parents took to Facebook asking similar questions and voicing their concerns. BCS informed parents via the social media app that families will have the choice to choose between wearing a uniform or non-uniformed clothing. They also said more information would come as well.

On Wednesday afternoon, Birmingham Board of Education released a statement explaining the dress code policy:

“The new policy gives families and students voice and choice in their clothing selection, but choices must adhere to the appropriate expectations as outlined by policy. For instance, the policy allows for clothing such as jeans, khakis, capri pants and shorts. However, items such as hoodies, cargo pants, tight clothing and sagging pants are forbidden.”


A group of Birmingham City Schools' Career Technical Education students, via Birmingham City Schools
A group of Birmingham City Schools’ Career Technical Education students, via Birmingham City Schools

“We see the adoption of this policy as a win for all of our stakeholders,” said Cheri Gardner, school board president. “Parents and students have been asking for this option for quite a while, and we are teaching our students the importance of their voices in conversations on matters that impact them.”

The BCS Facebook page later released a video featuring Dr. Lisa Herring, Birmingham City Schools Superintendent. She emphasized that the 2018-2019 school year will be a transition year for all families, meaning everyone will have a choice in wearing uniforms or adhering to the new dress code policy.


Dr. Lisa Herring addressing the dress code policy on video, via Birmingham City Schools.

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