5 things to know about Alabama’s primary election tomorrow, including the crossover voting ban

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A voter registration drive in Jefferson County, Alabama. Photo submitted

The polls will be open in less than 24 hours for Alabama’s primary runoffs. Alabama’s Democratic and Republican parties are both holding runoffs tomorrow, to decide the winners from the June 5 primaries. 1. Yes, you can vote, even if you didn’t vote in the primaries.

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Via Alabama Public Radio.
2. Voting Polls Open At 7 a.m.

The polls will be open until 7 p.m. Need to know your polling station? This particular link is very helpful.

Voter Stickers Needed for Civic Duty

For a full list of the candidates from the primaries, check out this post.

3. No Crossover Voting

In 2017 the Alabama Legislature passed a law banning crossover voting. That means you can only vote in the Democratic runoff if you casted a Democratic vote in the primary. If you voted on the Republican primary ballot, you may only cast your vote for the Republicans in the runoff.

You gotta stick with your primary party. Enough said. If you did not vote in the primary, you can vote in whichever runoff you choose.

4. Sample Ballots

Here you go. Most runoffs are on the Republican side, but the Dems have some, too. Some statewide race highlights include:


  • County Circuit Clerk
  • County Commission District 1 and 2
  • State Rep District 54
  • District Court Judges
  • Sheriff


  • Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries Commissioner
  • Appeals Court
  • Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Attorney General
  • Lieutenant governor

You’ll need to know your Alabama Senate district and your Alabama House district, especially you, Birmingham Dems. You’ll be voting on You can find your district and your state legislators here.