4 things you need to know about the corn hole craze in Birmingham, including the Central Alabama Cornhole Club

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Cornhole is one of the fastest growing games sweeping across America. But did you know it is has a serious following in Birmingham? So get ready, aim and toss that corn bag!

What is Cornhole?

Cornhole (a.k.a., corn toss, baggo, bags, sack toss or bean sack) is a lawn game similar to horseshoes, but those who play the game socially and competitively agree that cornhole is way cooler.

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Photo via the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.Photo via the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

Unlike the game of horseshoes, which uses metal stakes and, well, horseshoes, cornhole is played with plywood boards and corn-filled bags.

Players take turns tossing the bags from opposite ends of the boards and attempt to make the bags into six-inch holes cut into the plywood boards. A bag in the hole is called a cornhole. Ha! Get it?

There are, of course, a few more rules to the game, but that’s basically the gist of it. (Click here for the full list of rules.)

Toss That Corn

Why should you play cornhole? Lots of reasons! Here are the top 4:

1. You Can Join Cool Groups And Compete in Fundraisers

The Central Alabama Cornhole Club (CACC) is one of the most prominent cornhole clubs in Birmingham.

Created by Matt Hageman in May of 2004, the CACC is a non-profit social club that aims to promote the growth of cornhole in the Birmingham area and to help the community through fundraising.

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Photo via the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

The idea came about when Matt and his friends began playing the game in his backyard.

“My friends and I ran a golf tournament at the time that supported the United Cerebral Palsy organization,” Matt said. “We decided that we could run a fundraiser event similar to golf, but with cornhole.”

The club’s first event was held in May 2004 at a park in Alabaster. About $500 was raised for Oak Mountain Missions Ministries.

Jump forward 14 years to today and the CACC has helped raise money for countless organizations. (A whopping $500,000 total!)

“The past few years, [the Central Alabama Cornhole Club] has averaged about $70,000 per year in fundraising monies,” Matt said.

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
5th Annual Cornholin’ Cancer event. Photo via the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

Some of the organizations the CACC has hosted fundraising tournaments for, include:

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Cornhole bags. Photo via Central Alabama Cornhole Club.
2. It’s the Ultimate Social Game

If you’re looking for a game or activity to “break the ice” at a party or social gathering, cornhole is it. Cornhole is a social game played with friends and family in backyards and at tailgates, BBQ’s, parties and any other kind of social function.

It’s also one of the main reasons why Birmingham local, Jack Mann loves the game. Jack is a member of the Central Alabama Cornhole Club and said those in the club are,

…the most wonderful, eclectic bunch of folks–caring, giving, you name it–just amazing people. It’s great to be a part of the cornhole fam!”

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Photo via the Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

Have you noticed that many breweries/bars have a cornhole set? There’s a good reason for that.

“Since cornhole is such a social game with a little bit of drinking involved, playing at breweries goes in hand-in-hand,” Matt said.

Where can you join in on some cornhole fun around Birmingham?

3. Everyone Can Play

Some sports and games are only meant for a certain type of person and level of skill to play. Cornhole, on the other hand, is made for everyone!

“I love the game because anyone can play,” Matt said. “In any given match, you will have people from all walks of life standing there, tossing some bags and getting to know each other. You could have the CEO of a major company tossing against a bartender, or a 70 year-old tossing against a 15 year-old. It doesn’t matter your background, the game is equal and anyone can toss a bag and eventually win.”

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Photo via Central Alabama Cornhole Club.
4. You Can Win Interesting Prizes

Tanya Mann has been competing in cornhole tournaments around Birmingham for eight years. She also competes alongside her husband, Jack Mann, and the duo has won quite a few prizes.

“The oddest trophy Jack and I have is a 1970’s plaid jacket that has been glittered and bedazzled and says ‘Cornhole Cup’ from Workshop, Inc. in Birmingham,” Tanya said.

Tanya and Jack’s most prized cornhole trophy is from a tournament that benefitted John Carroll High School. Can you guess what’s on the trophy? A corn cob!

But there are other prizes, too.

Birmingham, cornhole, CACC, Central Alabama Cornhole Club
Alabama Cornhole Championship trophies. Photo via Central Alabama Cornhole Club.

During their events, the CACC also keeps track of players’ points and where they finish so they will know who qualifies to compete in the Alabama Cornhole Championship at the end of the year.

According to Matt,

“The Alabama Cornhole Championship usually pay out about $2000 each year in singles and doubles competitions.”

Not bad for tossing some corn bags!

Events and More

Interested in participating in one of the CACC’s events? There are lots of events ahead. Be sure to join this corn-tastic group on Facebook, too!

If you want to toss some bags at home, check out MasterBoards Cornhole in Birmingham for all the supplies you need. The CACC also sells cornhole boards, bags and accessories locally.

Have you tossed some bags in Birmingham? We hope you made a cornhole!

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