Pure joy! Families and friends reveal the Birmingham Color Wall. (photo gallery)

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Photo by Hannah Williams.

If you haven’t heard of muralist Marcus Fetch then you have definitely seen his larger-than-life works of art, which are on walls across downtown, Woodlawn and Avondale. His murals are not only beautiful works of art, but they are ingrained in our city’s landscape. This weekend the community was invited to come downtown and join Fetch for his next project, the Birmingham Color Wall.

The Birmingham community was invited to come to 1316 1st Ave N and paint the wall covered with the words “Give Me Color”. Tents were set up by Fetch and Redpath Creative with buckets of paint and paintbrushes free to use.

Muralist Marcus Fetch. Photo by Hannah Williams.

With heavy rains yesterday morning, it was up in the air if the Birmingham Color Wall was going to happen. But by the noon start time, the skies had cleared, the sun was out and it was a perfect day to paint a mural. A DJ played music, the Nola Ice was set up serving snow cones, and people from all over came out to put their mark on Birmingham.

The Grant Family. Lynn, Steve, Avery, and Raven Grant. Photo by Hannah Williams.

The Grant family chose to paint their home state of Michigan with their new home, Alabama. When asked why they chose to come to the event Lynn said,

“We just moved to Birmingham from Michigan and we were looking for something fun to do in the community as a family!”

Zya and Zakee IdDeen. Photo by Hannah Williams.

Father and daughter Zya and Zakee IdDeen, originally from Texas, now locals to Birmingham said they came to the event because,

“We came because we want to put our mark on Birmingham too. “

People, and canines, of all ages came to paint. Sisters Chanah and Brie Fallin brought their pup along to join in on the fun!

Chanah and Brie Fallin. Photo by Hannah Williams.

Fetch stood nearby helping people, taking photos with people, and observing as people made their mark on the wall. When asked how he felt about the turnout he said,

“I’m so grateful everyone came out. It’s crazy and awesome. I’m in awe.”

Then when asked if he was concerned that no one would show up because of the morning rainstorm Fetch said,

“No I wasn’t worried about the rain. I just had a good feeling about today.”

If you want to put your mark on the Birmingham Color Wall, today (June 24th) is your last chance!

  • The event will continue from 2pm-4pm – Sunday, June 24th.
  • Address: 1316 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203.
  • The Birmingham Color Wall was made possible by the office of City Councilor Darrell O’Quinn and the city of Birmingham.

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