3 things to know about the Birmingham Color Wall, a community mural event by artist Marcus Fetch on June 23

Birmingham Alabama, Marcus Fetch, Murals, Birmingham Color Wall, Color Bham
Marcus Fetch at the site of Birmingham’s future color wall. Photo by author.

Muralist Marcus Fetch has been a creative force behind the revitalization of Birmingham through his larger-than-life creations on walls across downtown, Woodlawn and Avondale. His works are not only popular photo backdrops, they are an indelible part of our city’s landscape. Now you can pick up a paintbrush and join him for his next project, the Birmingham Color Wall, on June 23.

1. You had me at “paintbrush.” Give me the details.
  • When: Saturday, June 23, 2018, noon to 4 p.m.
  • Where: The mural wall is behind Redemptive Cycles at 1305 2nd Avenue North. You can also access it from 1st Avenue North, between 13th and 14th Streets.
  • Cost: Free! The paints, pans and brushes are covered.

Get the full event details for the Birmingham Color Wall here!

Special thanks to Councilor Darrell O’Quinn of District 5. Birmingham City Council is funding all materials, from the paint to the pans, for the Birmingham Color Wall event on June 23, 2018.

Birmingham Alabama, Marcus Fetch, Murals, Birmingham Color Wall, Color Bham
The site of the future Birmingham Color Wall was left exposed after the demolition of the adjacent condemned building. The painting shown is a trial work by Fetch, but the new community mural will soon cover it. Photo by author.
2. No painting skills are necessary to be part of the Birmingham Color Wall.

Muralist Marcus Fetch organized the Birmingham Color Wall for the citizens of Birmingham. You don’t need advanced painting skills to participate, and it’s going to look awesome!

“A lot of people have hit me up over the years, wanting to volunteer and be involved (in murals). It’s difficult because a lot of what we’re doing is skilled painting. That’s where this idea came into play. I wanted everyone to feel like they were a part of making a landmark in town.”—Marcus Fetch

Birmingham Alabama, Marcus Fetch, Murals, Color Wall, Color Bham
Image via Facebook
3. The vision: Give me color.

Release your inner artist, within some reasonable guidelines.

“I want people to have a lot of freedom to express themselves, but in order to make it an even playing field for everybody, we’re asking people not to write anything or paint a dog or something. Try to keep it abstract so that everybody’s part matches,” Fetch said. “We’re also going to try to color coordinate it so that the cooler colors are on the right and the warmer colors on the left.”

“When you step back, we want it to look like a rainbow. Giant white letters will spell out ‘Give me color’ across the wall.”—Marcus Fetch

So mark your calendars for June 23 and get ready to create a wall of color. You can bet Bham Now will be there to document this community event.

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