Birmingham 4 year old cape crusader President Austin Perine’s message of #showlove is growing

Screenshot from CNN’s Impact Your World segment about President Austin Perine of Birmingham.

We are huge fans of this young man and very proud he is from Birmingham!

Last month, Bham Now published a story about Austin Perine, a four year old cape crusader, who was featured on the CBS Evening News giving away Burger King chicken sandwiches to Birmingham’s homeless community. His simple message… “Don’t forget to show love!”

Since then, President Austin, that’s his superhero name, has become a national phenomenon.  His story  and message #showlove has been featured on USA Today, NowThisNews, CNN and countless news and social media outlets.

In fact, the CNN Impact Your World story has garnered over 5 million views via social media.

Here is a compilation of  stories about President Austin.

CBS Evening News – An update on the first story.  President Austin ends the story saying, “Feeding the homeless is the highlight of my life!”

USA Today


President Austin featured on CNN’s Impact Your World.

In a superhero cape, he feeds the city’s hungry and homeless. And he’s only 4

Social media outlets – special song honoring Austin

NTD Inspired

Austin himself has even proposed a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution


President Austin’s GoFundMe Campaign – put him over the top

In our last story on Austin Perine, we described his GoFundMe campaign to help the homeless.  As of June 18, the campaign has raised over $75,000.  The goal is $80,000.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Birmingham put him over the top?

Check out the campaign – HERE.

Screen Shot 2018 06 19 at 3.15.15 AM Birmingham 4 year old cape crusader President Austin Perine's message of #showlove is growing

What’s next for President Austin? Only time will tell, but it definitely has been a whirlwind couple months for this extraordinary young man and his family.

One thing for sure, Birmingham is very proud of our cape crusader – President Austin.

Stay tuned for additional dates about President Austin.

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