Don’t forget to show love! CBS features Birmingham’s newest superhero.

Superhero Birmingham
A screenshot from CBS Evening News featuring superhero Austin Perine at Birmingham’s Linn Park.

Last week, CBS Evening News featured Birmingham’s Austin Perine, a 4 year old cape crusader  popping up all over the Magic City handing out Burger King chicken sandwiches and delivering a simple message…. “Don’t forget to show love!”

Warming hearts everywhere, locally and now nationally, Austin’s simple message of unconditional love and compassion was profiled on a special CBS Evening News segment Steve Hartman On the Road.

Below is the 3 minute news clip from CBS Evening News broadcast, which is seen nightly by nearly 6 million viewers.

Building on  Austin’s (or may we say President Austin, his superhero persona) new found superhero #ShowLove movement, his father has set up a GoFundMe page dedicated toward raising  funds for the homeless.

Here is his twitter announcement:


As of May 9th, the fundraiser has secured $41,360 toward its $50,000 goal with 1,183 donors.

According to Austin’s father TJ, the GoFundMe fundraiser will do the following:

“Austin’s show love project is a nonprofit movement that will involve traveling and fighting hunger and establishing a facility that will help with food, toiletries, drug rehabilitation and shelter integration. The nonprofit organization is called the Show Love foundation.”

Visit the Show Love Fight Hunger GoFundMe page – HERE.

The Show Love movement is building. Just in the past few days since the airing of the CBS news segment, “President Austin”  has received the support of Burger King (he loves to had out their sandwiches) and a column has been written by Inc. columnist Carol Sankar titled, “This 4 Year Old Is Using His Allowance to Pay It Forward. Here Is What You Can Learn.”

Unlike most superheroes, you can follow Austin Perine on his twitter and Facebook accounts.

What he will do next?  One thing we do know, whatever he does, President Austin will “show love!”


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