My incredible trip in Gearbox Adventure Rentals’ luxury camper van

Gearbox Adventure Rentals, camper van, Birmingham
Check out all the awesome perks of this glorious vehicle (Via Bham Now)

Treat yo self and escape the city in this adorable Airbnb on wheels. Read about my awesome road trip in a Gearbox Adventure Rental here.

The Problem With Ordinary Beach Trips
Gearbox Adventure Rental, Birmingham, camper van
Model shot (Via Gearbox Adventure Rentals)

In the past when I’ve tried to throw together a beach trip with my friends we’ve always run into the same problem: no cheap beach house = expensive beach trip = no beach trip.

Gearbox Adventure Rentals, Birmingham, camper van
Think of all the places you could take a Gearbox Adventure Rental! (Via Bham Now)

Friends, I’m here today to tell you there’s a better way.

Let me tell you about the road trip of a lifetime I just took thanks to a guy named Craig.

All the Bells & Whistles

As soon as I met Craig and took a peek inside one of his Gearbox Adventure Rentals, I knew I had to try it out.

Basically, he’s turned a boring van into a charming Airbnb on wheels to help more people go on awesome adventures.

It’s like flying first class but way more affordable and on your own terms.

These vans have everything you could want. Like what, you ask?

  • The back converts from a chic table with bench seating into a comfy bed.
  • It has a shiplap-esque wooden interior walls.
  • You can choose between cozy twinkly lights & bright lighting options.
  • It comes complete with multiple electrical ports to charge all your devices.
  • It has a ceiling fan to keep you cool when the car is off.
  • Free van delivery/pickup (talk about going the extra mile!)
  • Plus its nifty hidden storage contains:
    • a camping stove + dishes
    • a cooler + a collapsible sink
    • AND an Aeropress coffee maker.

*mic drop*

Alison Wondervan, or Gearbox’s two-person van, breaks down to about $100/day plus the cost of mileage ($15-$25/day). Aka wayyyy cheaper than a hotel and/or rental car.

Soon a 5-person van named the Mad Hatter will be available with even more bells and whistles for just $30 more per day. Check out its cool gadgets here.

By now you’re probably wondering where I took this glorious vehicle.

Great question. Read on.

My Experience in a Gearbox Adventure Rental
Gearbox Adventure Rental, Birmingham, camper van
What a beaut. (Via Bham Now)

I roped in my most adventurous friend, clicked a few buttons on Gearbox Adventure Rentals‘ website, and set off for Pensacola, Florida.

I drove the whole way down and discovered two surprises:

1) Alison Wondervan is fun to drive. Like really fun.

2) She gets incredible gas mileage.

Gearbox Adventure Rental, Birmingham, camper van
The boardwalk @ Pensacola beach was a must (Via Bham Now)

I was preparing to shell out the dough at the gas station given the 8+ hours of drive time round trip but it only cost us $67 dollars all in all. *fistbump* Split between the two of us that’s only about $33.

We rolled into Pensacola around lunch time, swam in the ocean, saw the sights, enjoyed fish & chips at McGuire’s Irish Pub, and raced to get the best view of the sunset from a coffee shop balcony.

Gearbox Adventure Rental, Birmingham, camper van
Sunset views FTW (Via Bham Now)

We didn’t plan where we would park the van ahead of time like responsible adults, but ended up scoring a prime spot at a quiet parking lot right on the beach with no tourists. Bonus: it was free. Cue the late night beach walks and stargazing.

Gearbox Adventure Rentals, Birmingham, camper van
The camper stove and kitchen storage hides under the left bench while the right door folds out into a table that holds the sink (Via Bham Now)

Did I mention Alison Wondervan has a built-in kitchen with hidden storage? My favorite part of the trip was making coffee and eating our breakfast on the beach as the sun was rising.

Gearbox Adventure Rentals, camper van, Birmingham
#winning with a picnic on the beach (Via Bham Now)

We spent the rest of the day exploring the coffee shops of Pensacola, eating amazing crepes and having an all around great time.

Gearbox Adventure Rentals, camper van, Birmingham
These happy faces are brought to you by Alison Wondervan and Pensacola (Via Bham Now)

Bless you Gearbox Adventure Rentals. Thanks to your van I have new energy, a sunburn and memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this awesome mountain adventure Alison Wondervan just went on…

Where would you take a Gearbox Adventure Rental?Let us know and book your trip here.


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