Shots from Vulcan’s 114th Birthday Bash (Slideshow)

IMG 2216 Shots from Vulcan's 114th Birthday Bash (Slideshow)
The Vulcan celebrated its 114th birthday at Vulcan Park! Photo by Jacob Blankenship.

This past weekend, Birmingham’s very own Vulcan turned 114 years old. Happy birthday, Vulcan! On a sunny Sunday perfect for a party, guests flooded in to celebrate Vulcan’s 114th Birthday Bash and over a hundred years of Magic City pride at Vulcan Park and Museum. 

The Vulcan Center opened with a colorful balloon display inviting guests to come in and check out the shop inside, The Anvil. Read more about The Anvil and other party details in our previous article. Inside were T-shirts, trinkets, and more to show off some Birmingham love. Outside and around Vulcan Park, there were also 40+ vendors with lots of games, music, prizes, and other things to do during the event. 

Randall Woodfin—the Mayor of Birmingham—spoke outside Vulcan Center, commencing the celebration and preparing to sing “Happy Birthday” to V, Vulcan’s mascot. Alongside him was City Council President Valerie A. Abbott. 

Outside, tents from local vendors and attractions advertised Birmingham’s best growing businesses. Music all around entertained everyone. Even Alabama Splash Adventure’s mascot came out to greet people around the park. Other fun characters came, too, to say hello to all the kids. 

Next, as the festivities began, partygoers enjoyed activities and games around the park. The kids partook in the joys of the birthday bash with the Boost Kids Fun Run. Finally, performers from the Birmingham Children’s Theatre acted out scenes from “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

Here are our favorite shots from the birthday bash:

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