Shipt CEO Bill Smith invests $200K in real estate startup SimpleShowing

SimpleShowing, Shipt, Birmingham
Fred McGill, Co-Founder of SimpleShowing. (Via Bham Now)

There has been a lot of buzz about Shipt since Target bought it for $550 million last December.  Now Shipt’s CEO Bill Smith has invested in a startup that just finished the Velocity Accelerator program.  

Shipt’s Bill Smith Invests $200K in SimpleShowing
SimpleShowing, Shipt,Birmingham
Fred McGill at Shipt’s headquarters (Via SimpleShowing)

For the CEO of Shipt to instantly take notice of your company and invest means you’ve got something pretty good going.

Atlanta real estate startup SimpleShowing finished Innovation Depot’s Velocity Accelerator program last month and walked away with major traction and investment. Read all about the program here.

SimpleShowing, Shipt, Birmingham
Fred pitched SimpleShowing to investors at Demo Day last month (Via Innovation Depot)

SimpleShowing gives househunters the ability to search houses and book a showing without an agent.

This saves them time, hassle and alot of dough. They not only skip the fat broker bill, but also get a nice check back (1.5% of the home’s cost) when they buy a home. Get the full details here.

velocity, SimpleShowing
SimpleShowing and Dirtbook’s founders at the Velocity Accelerator Launch Party. (Via Innovation Depot)

That’s a win-win if you ask us. Bill Smith thought so too.

Bill and I both share a passion for real estate.  We want to challenge the status quo of real estate services and to add value beyond what currently exists today. Bill recognized that and took a chance on us!

-Fred McGill, Co-Founder of Simple Showing

Birmingham, SimpleShowing, Shipt
The 2018 Velocity Accelerator Cohort (Via Innovation Depot)

Shipt’s CEO invested $200K to show his support of this innovative startup and we couldn’t be more excited for them. For anyone to validate your company means a ton, but for someone as experienced as Bill Smith to put his money where his mouth is means even more.

Birmingham, Welcome SimpleShowing
Shipt, SimpleShowing, Birmingham
Happy homebuyers thanks to SimpleShowing (Via SimpleShowing)

So how do they plan to use the capital from Shipt? Good question.  Right now they plan to leverage it to increase their marketing and hone the technology they’re building.

Currently, they serve the Atlanta, Tampa, and Orlando real estate markets but have announced they will soon launch in Birmingham!

Although not live in Birmingham yet, this startup plans to launch their services in the Magic City in June.

“We want to create a brand that translates to multiple markets. We are planning to launch the SimpleShowing app in Birmingham this summer and in a 3rd Florida market by Fall.”

-Fred McGill, Co-Founder

Clearly, exciting things are on the horizon for this company. We can’t wait to see where this investment takes them!

We’ll update you when SimpleShowing launches in the Magic City soon. For now, show them some love and follow them on Insta and Facebook.

We’re so excited for SimpleShowing to be in the ‘ham. Let us know what you think of this innovative startup!
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