Avondale’s newest dive bar just opened—get a peek inside Mom’s Basement

Mom's basement, Birmingham
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A photographer, an architect, a record store owner and a lawyer walk into a bar…well, actually, they opened one together.  Get the deets on Mom’s Basement here.

The Story Behind Mom’s Basement

Last April four Birmingham locals joked about opening up a bar together. A year later, and Mom’s Basement has officially opened its doors, making Wes Frazer, Patrick Nelson, Daniel Drinkard and Payne Baker’s idea a reality.

If you weren’t in the know this week, don’t worry because the bar’s grand opening is this weekend.

So what’s so special about Mom’s?  Well, other than the vintage atmosphere and humble decor, the menu itself is simple-but for good reason.

The Menu

Not your go-to for craft cocktails or an open mic night, Mom’s Basement only serves canned beer and wine with a few liquors.

Their simple, no-fuss attitude appeals to all of our nostalgia for home, childhood, and our own mother’s basements.

I wanted a cool dive bar that reflected my personality more than some of the other ones in town.  I’d love for Mom’s Basement to become a local spot for your regular Joe.

-Wes Frazer, Co-owner of Mom’s Basement

Another fun fact worth high fiving about: Mom’s Basement will recycle all of their cans.

The Hours

So when can you stampede their doors? See the hours below.

Monday-Wednesday: 3 PM -Midnight

Thursday + Friday: 3 PM-2AM

Saturday: Noon-2 AM

Sunday: Noon-Midnight

Stop on by 4411 3rd Ave South to crush a few cans but get a peek inside before you go.

What’s Inside

As you walk down the concrete stairs into the basement, the first thing you’ll see is Mom’s loooooong bar and, to your right, a wood-paneled wall of old pictures.

The focal point of Mom’s Basement is their honorary mom wall, which they have started filling with old pictures of customers’ own moms.

If you think we’re kidding, bring a picture of your own mom plus a frame and see for yourself.

Also check out Mom’s growth wall at the back.  You probably had one growing up, that wall or door frame where your mom marked your height over the years.

Now customers can leave their mark on Mom’s too.  Rumor has it some pretty famous actors and directors have already signed their names-go see if you recognize them.

The new bar has a smorgasbord of thrifted, eclectic furniture and decor, not to mention antique arcade games AND a vintage photo booth.

If you’re not excited yet, go give ’em a follow on the gram and see what all the fuss is about.

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