Register your team now for Lakeshore Foundation’s Amazing Race on June 2

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Birmingham, Alabama, Lakeshore, Foundation
Walker Wells, a member of the 2013 Amazing Race Team Jones Walker. They won! Photo via Lakeshore Foundation, Facebook.

Join the Amazing Race today and help them continue to improve the lives of people in Birmingham and all over the world. Here’s the link to register your team.

Birmingham, Alabama, Lakeshore Foundation
Amazing Race participants in a blindfolded archery challenge, via Lakeshore Foundation.
Ready, Set, Go!

We all know it’s important to exercise, but sticking to a regimen is what counts. Finding the right routine with the right methods that work for you and your body are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why we love the Lakeshore Foundation. Physical activity is at the heart of everything they do.

The mission of this nonprofit is to enable people with physical disabilities and chronic health conditions to lead healthy, active and independent lifestyles.

Through a combination of sports, recreation, advocacy and research, Lakeshore makes a big difference in the lives of people all around the world.

Whether they are a Paralympic athlete in training or a member of the local community, people use Lakeshore’s state-of-the art facilities to swim, workout, play basketball, take fitness or aquatics classes and compete in competitive sports.

At Lakeshore everyone can get fit, stay healthy and have a good time.

Birmingham, Alabama, Lakeshore Foundation
Members of Lakeshore Foundation’s basketball team, via Lakeshore Foundation.
Another Year, Another Amazing Race

Modeled after the television show, the Amazing Race is hosted by Lakeshore Foundation’s Junior Board. Its unique blend of fundraising and outreach encourages community involvement and awareness, all while challenging you and your team both physically and mentally.

Birmingham, Alabama, Lakeshore Foundation
Via Lakeshore Foundation

During the race, you’ll compete in teams of four to complete fun and interactive challenges set up throughout Lakeshore’s 45-acre campus. Each challenge is specifically designed to promote the programs and resources available at Lakeshore Foundation.

“Come celebrate ten years of Lakeshore’s Amazing Race with a  friendly competition and physical fitness,” said Lakeshore’s Junior Board President, Eric Hess.

“If you’ve never been to Lakeshore, this is a great way to learn about everything we offer our members. You can participate by becoming a sponsor or registering a team or both!”

Birmingham, Alabama, Lakeshore Foundation
A team for Lakeshore’s Amazing Race works together on one of the race challenges. Via Lakeshore Foundation.
The More You Know

Foundation members use Lakeshore’s state-of-the-art heated indoor aquatics center with two pools, a 6,000 square foot fitness area, a three-court gym and indoor Olympic MONDO® surface 200-meter track, along with a six-lane archery and marksmanship range.

Did you know it’s the place where the USA Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Basketball teams train?

At Lakeshore, it’s all about accessibility and opportunity. They offer:

  • 92 different aquatics, fitness and recreation programs.
  • 12 competitive sports
  • 14 advocacy initiatives
  • 25 research projects

With these internationally renowned facilities, Lakeshore Foundation is a U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site. They also have activities for adults and youth, as well as special events and tournaments.

“The Amazing Race is one of my favorite community outreach activities of the year that helps introduce the entire Lakeshore Foundation Campus and all it offers to our community,” said Nick Cotumaccio, a past race participant.

“It provides fun and interactive events that help build awareness of the capabilities of people with disabilities. My entire family has participated in the event, and we look forward to it each year. Keep up the great work!”

For more information and to register a team for the Amazing Race, visit this link.

Show Us What You’re Working With!

Did you compete in a previous year’s event? We’d love to see your photos! Share them in the comments and let us know how much fun you had supporting  Lakeshore Foundation.

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