Birmingham’s Covalence launches new Catalyst program

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Birmingham innovator, Covalence has recognized the need for a fast-track method to train the next generation of software developers, right here in Birmingham.

Matt Landers, Will Johnston and Matt Morgan, founders of Covalence, began the coding boot-camp after realizing how difficult it was to find qualified developers in Birmingham for their software company, Platypi.

Since the launch of Covalence in 2015, the coding boot-camp has created a hub for its recent graduates. These new developers not only work for numerous companies in the Birmingham metro area, but they are also starting their own businesses.

Nine week Coding Bootcamp to begin June 4

This summer, from June 4th to August 3rd, Covalence will host its first Catalyst program. This extensive course of study will equip aspiring coders with the essential skills required to become a Full Stack Developer. If you’re local to Birmingham, signing up for the Catalyst program by May 25th will give you $1,000 off the standard program fee!

The Catalyst program is a fully immersive 9 week boot-camp covering the same content as the previous in-person classes. However, with the Catalyst program, students can opt to take the class remotely or come in to HQ to take the class in-person if they are local to Birmingham.

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There are only 10 seats available per class. Each class will be assigned a dedicated instructor and students will progress through the coursework together as a group, whether they are completing the program in-person or online.

“Having classes online gives us the ability to provide a consistent experience for everyone that takes our course.” Matt Landers, CEO

Covalence offers a free Catalyst prep course that must be completed prior to attending the Catalyst program. Interested students can start the prep course for free today.

High demand for coders and developers in today’s tech industry

The online education market is rapidly expanding. Continuing education, especially around maintaining and expanding job skills in the technical field, is required for vocational success. What Matt and his team are doing at Covalence is a best practice. They have focused on developing quality content by working with leading experts in coding and software development so that their students can access the training in a learning environment that is best for each student.”

Bob Crutchfield, Executive Director of Innovate Birmingham

Course Curriculum

Below is a list of topics taught in the Covalence Full Stack class.

  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Databases
  • Agile Development

The total cost of the Catalyst Program is $5,999 ($4,999 for Birmingham locals.) Looking for financing? Click here to learn how you can pay as little as $135/mo.  The application deadline is May 25th.

Everyone is welcome!

The comprehensive program has no age requirement. Anyone with an inkling of interest in coding is welcome. Many Covalence graduates previously earned four-year degrees with a wide array of majors and now want to become more marketable by learning to code.

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“We’re focused on training the next generation of great developers by providing the highest quality curriculum that we possibly can, and a large part of what makes our program work so well is our community. We’re a company of developers, and we’re in our community every day helping our students learn, grow, and mature as developers, even long after they’ve graduated.” Jackson Carr, COO

Meet Two Graduates

Meet Luke Przekwas and Matt Aderhold; developers, entrepreneurs, game changers and graduates of Covalence’s Full Stack program.

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“Working together during Covalence on labs and going to development meetups around Birmingham, we realized we both share a high enthusiasm for this industry. As a result of such and our experiences in small businesses and managerial backgrounds, we wanted to help keep Birmingham growing with this passion and drive as our foundation,” Aderhold explained.

These two talented Covalence alumni have since started their own company.

Some graduates of Covalence have landed jobs with these promising companies:

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With the Covalence Community, you’re not alone!

Along with its coding programs, Covalence has created an online community using Discord. This includes former and current students, instructors, mentors and recruiters all networking to help create and retain the Covalence community throughout coursework and beyond.

“Being able to keep people connected after the program is a priority. It’s not just a class you take online. You’re working and meeting with other people and making connections. When you finish the course, you gain access to our community and continue to get new content and the ability to access classes as they develop.” said Landers.

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Highlights of the Covalence Catalyst Program:
Time-Tested Curriculum

Covalence offers digital lectures and an optimized curriculum layout for their students. This gives students the ability to watch (and rewatch) the curriculum content as much as they need, wherever they are.

Dedicated Instructors

Covalence instructors are experienced software developers and teachers that have created a streamlined curriculum that teaches you how to code and succeed as a developer.

Peer Groups

No need to worry about struggling alone. Students will be progressing through the curriculum with their Catalyst peers and Covalence Community members.

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Exclusivity & Accountability

There is a maximum of ten seats available in each Catalyst cohort. Each cohort will have its own instructor that will keep each student accountable on a daily basis. This small class size provides the attention each student deserves and encourages a healthy environment for learning.


Compared to courses one may take at a college or university, Covalence’s Catalyst program is very affordable. It is much less expensive than many of their competitors, and financing is available; click here for more.

Covalence is looking for those who desire to learn how to code and find promising careers as developers. No prior experience is necessary. The emerging tech scene in Birmingham and beyond is calling. Ready, set, code!

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