Birmingham’s Marx Brothers Inc. just installed one of the largest solar energy systems in AL

Marx Brothers - CloseupMarx Brothers, Inc. installed one massive energy-saver on their roof recently.   Check out the details here.

Marx Brothers’ Commitment to Sustainability

Marx Brothers Inc. imports and produces high-quality coconut products of every shape and size right here in Birmingham. Their mission: to make the best products possible with the smallest environmental footprint.

This family-owned company has been a leading supplier of coconut products for retail grocery stores and bakeries since way back in 1919.

“This investment in renewable energy demonstrates our company’s commitment to both the environment and to our customers nationwide. We strive to operate with a sense of stewardship that contributes to the many sustainability efforts of our customers and will continue to seek solutions supporting these initiatives.” -said Marx Brothers President Edgar Marx, Jr

Their most recent sustainability push includes one of the largest solar energy systems in central and southern Alabama installed right on their very own roof.

Curious what the impact will be? Make sure you pick your jaw back up off the floor once you read the numbers below.

Give Me The Statsfinal
 Vulcan Solar Power installed this legit 132-kilowatt solar photovoltaic energy system for Marx Brothers.  It should create more than 205,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity.  That’s enough to power over 16 homes or 35% of the company’s annual electricity bill.
The newly-installed panels will eliminate the same amount of CO2 that is produced by 33 cars in just one year.
And the best part is it has a minimum lifespan of 30 years.  That equals enough power for 460 homes for a whole year which is the amount of C02 by 912 cars.
What other solar energy systems have you seen in Birmingham? Let us know!
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