Birmingham, would you rent an electric scooter?

Birmingham, Alabama, scooters, LimeBike
LimeBike’s Lime S electric scooters, via LimeBike.

Electric scooter rentals in Birmingham? Maybe. What about horse-drawn carriage rides? That’s a yes.

Electric Scooters?

LimeBike, a company that rents electric scooters, electric bicycles and pedal bicycles gave the Birmingham City Council’s transportation committee a presentation yesterday. The company hopes to offer their Lime S electric scooters in Birmingham. While nothing is set in stone, the presentation was a first step.

Birmingham, Alabama, LimeBike
Photo by Carly Mask for TechCrunch.

City council member Darrell O’Quinn, the chair of the transportation committee, said that the committee is open to hearing about mobility solutions for residents.

“The transportation committee is interested because of its general economic development potential, as well as being another avenue to make multi-modal transportation part of the fabric of our city,” O’Quinn said.

LimeBike Cost, Details
  • 37-mile maximum range
  •  8″ wheels
  • 14.8 mph maximum speed
  • $1/unlock + $0.15/min to ride
  • 250-watt motor
  • In-app battery monitoring
Birmingham, Alabama, Zyp, bike
Electric scooters could be an addition to the Zyp bikes in Birmingham.

According to O’Quinn and pending authorization from Mayor Woodfin, the transportation committee hopes to work with the city attorney’s office on crafting a legal agreement between the city and LimeBike.

Once completed, the agreement will need to be recommended to the council for consideration. This process will likely require several weeks at a minimum.

Birmingham, Alabama, horse, drawn, carriage
A married couple in a horse-drawn carriage, via WEDDINGWIRE.
Carriage Rides Through The City

Yesterday, the Birmingham City Council passed a resolution allowing a horse-drawn carriage service to operate within the city.

Birmingham law allows horse-drawn carriages to operate in the city, but it’s been a hot minute since we’ve had them.

Magic Tours expects to operate up to five carriages, and they could be on the streets by May. Magic Tours does not have a website or social media presence yet, but we hear they are working on it.

Birmingham, Alabama, PETA
People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wrote a letter to Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin, sounding off on the council’s approval of horse-drawn carriages in city limits.
PETA Says No Way

PETA urged Mayor Randall Woodfin not to allow the horses to haul a carriage and people through the city.

“Birmingham’s city council should never allow any business that would force skittish horses to haul heavy carriages on chaotic city streets day in and day out,” sayid PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman.

“Today’s kind public wants nothing to do with businesses that exploit animals, and PETA is calling on Birmingham to join Palm Beach, Salt Lake City and the many other cities across the country that have banned these cruel and archaic operations.”

Birmingham, Alabama, pedal tours
Birmingham Pedal Tours, another wheeled venture, started operating in Birmingham a year ago. Via Birmingham Pedal Tours, Facebook.

Birmingham, do you want those scooters? Will you pay for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage?

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