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Are you that person that moves on from a popular place as soon as it’s considered the “in” spot to hang out…always on the lookout for the next cool place before anyone else has caught on?

Or are you just looking for a laid back dive with good beer and great music?  Somewhere you can kick back, unwind and discover a great new artist. We have a few suggestions.

The Shed Series
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This under-the-radar venue is right here in Birmingham. Remember the cool house on the block, the one where everyone wanted to hang out? Axel’s house might be that place…

Since 2012 Axel Barron has been putting on a show in his backyard. The Shed is a series of shows that have taken place every summer for the last five. The Shed features one band a month beginning in April and ending in October.

Axel who is a member of the Concerts in your Home network, hosts musicians from all over the world to play private concerts in his backyard.

“This type of listening room experience is beginning to take hold among traveling musicians because most them would rather play for 10 people who are actually listening versus 50 that are in some loud club.” Axel Barron

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The Shed asks for a $10-$20 donation from each guest and all proceeds go to the artist. What a cool concept and a great way to meet other music fans and discover new artists from many genres of music.

“I can honestly say probably 99.9% of the all the artists that I’ve hosted are folks that most people have never heard of.  But the talent level is incredible.  These are the musicians who are very adept at their craft. It can be a very personal experience.” Axel Barron

Come listen to Big Little Lions at Axel’s The Shed.

Saturday, April 14th, 2018
Doors open: 6:30pm Start time: 7:00pm
Big Little Lions
Please RSVP to:
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 The Nick Rocks
 This venue has been a staple in the Birmingham music scene for over 30 years. They have music just about every single night of the week featuring regional, local and national musicians.
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While many other old Bham bars have faded away, the Nick is still trucking along, slinging good beer and better music. This bar is exactly what you’d imagine a classic dive spot to be.

Always a diverse group of patrons and eclectic music choices. Over the last 30 years The Nick has had quite a few famous bands like The Black Crowes, Widespread Panic and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, stop by as those artists made their way through the south.

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Jaybird is a new community space for artists and performers on 5th Avenue South in the Crestwood neighborhood of Birmingham. Once a month they offer live music of several genres.


Their goal is to create a platform for great music (and art and books) in Birmingham that doesn’t get enough shine or attention.

“This whole idea is rooted in the idealistic notion that other people in Birmingham will be excited about our vision and will commit to helping sustain and grow it.” Jaybird.

Photo courtesy of Engine.

For example…Engine, a group of musicians and high-energy performers based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, will appear at Jaybird in Crestwood on Saturday, March 17, 2018. If you can’t make it Saturday, don’t worry there will be other nights and other great music at Jaybird.

Moonlight on The Mountain…come LISTEN

So this place is one you might not know… but you should! It’s a listening room in Bluff Park at 585 Shades Crest Road. The venue seats around 80-100 people who come ready to listen.

“LISTENING is what makes The Moonlight different from other live music venues. Here, the performing artist is the most important person in the room while they are on stage. We cater to an audience who comes to pay respectful attention to the talent being presented. Let’s keep it special. ”  Keith, Moonlight founder.


I was excited when I learned that it’s BYOB and BYOF (FOOD.) This seems like a pretty laid back spot to bring a six pack of craft beer, some of my favorite nosh food (yes, once again a plug for Delta Blues Hot Tamales) and an appetite for great music.

So, whether you are  a little bit country or a lot rock n’ roll, there are places all over Birmingham to listen to good music. Let us know your favorite places to listen and your favorite jam.
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