Homewood’s newest coffeeshop Caveat opens drive thru for business

Birmingham, Caveat, coffee
If the outside looks this good, we can’t wait to see the inside! (Via Bham Now)

Drive through the Caveat window and get a free coffee the next time you visit! Get all the deets on Homewood’s newest coffee shop here.

The owners of Real & Rosemary are opening a second concept in Homewood on Linden Avenue.  And it’s a coffee and wine bar. What could be better?

(Fully) Opening Soon
Caveat, Birmingham, coffee
Drive through the drive-thru in the next few days and get a free coffee your second time! (Via Bham Now)

The inside of Caveat is still under construction but the drive-thru is open for business.

I went through it to experience it for myself and was greeted by a friendly barista who explained the whole deal to me.

Caveat doesn’t have a set opening date yet, but they decided to open the drive-thru just to get Bham acquainted with them.

Da Menu
Birmingham, Caveat
Via Bham Now

Right now Caveat’s drive-thru just serves espresso drinks (americanos, cappuccinos, etc.), but in the future they will be serving a variety of La Colombe coffee.

That includes cold brew, regular drip coffee, and a draft latte system.

Caveat, coffee, Birmingham
Via Bham Now

This special pre-prepared drink is infused with quality ingredients and Nitrogen for a smooth latte conveniently in a can or keg.  Homewood’s coffee options keep expanding.  We’re excited to try it out!

When you pull through the drive-thru employees help you get set up on their online ordering page so you can preschedule your caffeine doses in the future.

Plus when you sign up you get a free coffee the next time you swing by.

Check out their full menu here.

What do you think of Homewood’s newest coffeeshop? Let us know!




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