Thrillist names Little Donkey’s fried chicken best in America

Little Donkey
Left to right – Little Donkey staff: Drew Sanders, Sabrina Bouriche and Jose Molina, photo by Pat Byington

Last week, Thrillist, the popular national digital site that covers  food, drink, travel and entertainment named Homewood-based Little Donkey as one of its 31 Best Fried Chicken Restaurants in America.

Fried chicken?

We all know in the Magic City, Little Donkey is not a Fried Chicken restaurant. It serves amazing traditional and authentic Mexican cuisine.  In fact, there is only one fried chicken item on the Little Donkey’s diverse menu.

Little Donkey’s Famous Fried Chicken, photo by Pat Byington

But that one menu item, Little Donkey’s Famous Fried Chicken, is so remarkable, Thrillist placed Little Donkey on its national Best Fried Chicken Restaurant list.

Little Donkey
Picture of Little Donkey’s one fried chicken menu item

That means the fried chicken has got to be really something special.  And it is.

Here is how Thrillist describes Little Donkey’s fried chicken.

“Little Donkey is a far cry from traditional ‘Bama fried fare. Somehow, it’s even more southern. Mexican, in fact. And while the menu is teeming with excellent smoked pork tortas and an arsenal of tacos, it’s the fried chicken that completely brings the heat. The chicken is brined overnight in a bath that includes three different chilies, then hit with an habanero-spiked vinegar before getting golden fried. This ain’t exactly Nashville heat (which, side note, sounds like a solid buddy cop show). It’s something all its own, a complex burn that manages to complement the delicious fried burn rather than overtake it.”

Little Donkey
Little Donkey staffers Hannah Ferrucci and Ashton Kupferberg

According to Molly Meyers, General Manager at Little Donkey in Homewood once customers try the chicken, they get hooked on it.

“I think it’s special because we  only have this one chicken plate, but we do it really, really well. There are so many people who come here just for the chicken. It’s kinda what we are known for,” explained Meyers.

Along with  their famous fried chicken Little Donkey is also known for their fresh ingredients, produce and meals made from scratch, right down to making their own tortillas.

It’s that attention to detail and fresh wholesome creative meals that makes both Little Donkey’s fried chicken and southern influenced Mexican cuisine special.


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