City Council’s proposed walk-way will connect Red Mountain, Vulcan Park to Southside

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA (USA) | Birmingham played a special role in the American Civil Rights Movement. In this trip you'll see the most important locations associated with the fight for equal rights African Americans went through in the 1950's and 1960's led by Martin Luther King Jr, in addition to beautiful locations in town like Vulcan Park (photo). There's also a special treat to your stomach!
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Birmingham City Council is proposing to create a community zone that links Vulcan Park to the Homewood’s walkway project.

Our very own Iron Man, Vulcan is a Birmingham beacon and has been the symbol of our city since the 1904. The 101,200 pound statue cast from iron ore has watched over the Magic City’s evolution and revitalization.

Vulcan park
Vulcan overlooking Birmingham

On any given day, no matter the weather, there are walkers and cyclist all around Five Points South. Currently there is not a safe way for these pedestrians and bikers to get over Red Mountain.

Birmingham Mist

As Birmingham becomes more of a walkable and bicycle friendly city, the Birmingham City Council wants to make it easier for us to move around…outside of our cars.

A lane designated for walkers and runners.

One idea is bike/pedestrian lane and two vehicular lanes and a multi use lane.

Vulcan Park
Kiwanis Progress

The City Council believes these changes will make it safer and much easier to get around and enjoy the city. The proposed project will cost over 2 million dollars.

The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham celebrates its 100th  anniversary.

In honor of that anniversary The Kiwanis Club of Birmingham  in cooperation with Vulcan Park and Museum, and the Freshwater Land Trust, has been working on a municipal greenspace called the Kiwanis Centennial Park.

Since May efforts have been underway on the north face of Vulcan Park. Stairs were renovated and built to allow people to reach the north side of the mountain to Vulcan Park.

Kiwanis Progress2 WEB City Council's proposed walk-way will connect Red Mountain, Vulcan Park to Southside

The plan is to build a two mile running and biking trail that will connect Vulcan Park and Museum to downtown. The goal is to reconnect Vulcan Park and  Museum to downtown. The trails on the north side of the park are being revitalized and extended to Greensprings Highway.

Lastly, the Birmingham Kiwanis Club and Vulcan Park and Museum will introduce an incredible light show  that will project onto the Vulcan to brighten our city’s icon.

If you’re interested, a public meeting (on plans for Arrington) will be held Thursday, Jan 18, from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Electra Event Room at Vulcan Park and Museum.

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