Extreme air sports – fly through the air while working out

Extreme air sports let us realize that dream of flying we’ve all had; soaring through the air and executing a perfect flip. Do you ever watch those Ninja Warrior shows, and wonder if you could beat the course? Now you can test your skills, and take flight at several extreme air sports venues around Birmingham.

extreme air sports
Come train like a ninja. Via – http://www.american ninjawarrior.com

Along with the thrill of taking a huge leap into the air, trampoline fitness strengthens the heart and encourages energy use and weight loss. Some super smart scientists at NASA, in a recent study, determined that 10 minutes of jumping on a trampoline will get the same fitness results as 33 minutes of running. Rebounding on a trampoline is 68% more effective than jogging and its easier on the knees and joints.

extreme Airsports.
Extreme Airports. Via – www.thedolcediet.com

Yep, there’s the usual birthday party options, but Birmingham area extreme air sport/trampoline parks also have fun college nights, extreme dodge-ball and basketball courts, tumbling runs, and even teams. There are theme nights, competitions and warrior ninja courses. So check out this exciting, fierce activity and book a flight ticket at these local extreme air sports venues.

Surge extreme air sports
Extreme jumping at Surge. Via – Surge Facebook.

Surge Trampoline Park, in Homewood, offers lots of jumping options from toddler play areas to extreme master-athlete level courses for adults. Surge also has fun college and theme nights. (205) 943-7090.

extreme air sports
Next Levl extreme air sports courts. Via – bham.now.

Next Levl Extreme Air Sports has the usual birthday party options, but they also has a Ninja Warrior course to kick you into gear, and they have extreme basketball courts, so you can finally sink that jump shot! (205) 775-0404.

Urban Air, has clean foam pits, and wall to wall jumping areas, crazy cool dodge-ball courts, a runway tumble track and a fierce warrior obstacle course. (205) 206-6809.

extreme air sports
Urban Air. Via- www.tripadvisor.com.

Steel City Jump Park, lets you take gym-class dodge-ball to the next level by jumping off the walls! There are foam pits, and open jump sessions, and a really long tumbling run. (205) 683-5867.

extreme air sports
Steel City Jump Park extreme basketball. Via –

Grab a friend or two, or plan a solo flight. What’s a better way to get a surge of energy and burn some calories as you fly through the air?

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