Cold brews are smoking hot in Birmingham

ec580dc89c10d4276fd952210d9f432e Cold brews are smoking hot in Birmingham
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Birmingham coffee lovers have embraced cold brew coffee as a new way to get their jolt of caffeine.

This isn’t simply iced coffee. It’s a smooth artisan cup of Joe that takes time.

Time to steep in room temperature water for up to 24 hours. Time develop an intense, velvety finish. Cold brew starts from freshly ground beans that are steeped, sometimes pressurized, and sometimes infused with Nitrogen.

All this effort, and the lack of heat processing, results in a less acidic, more intense, super caffeinated brew with a smoother finish. While others are overdosing on Pumpkin Spice everything, check out these Magic City coffee shops.

You’ll get that chill of a great cold brew rushing through your veins, and maybe a shiver down your spine.

Seeds Coffee Co. pressurizes their cold brew, then they keg it, and then they infuse the brew with nitrogen for 48 hours. This nitro brew pours like a dark lager with the foamy top, and a velvety, bold taste.

 Cold Brews
Nitro Cold Brew. Via – Seeds Coffee Co. Facebook

The Abby Coffee Shop, in Avondale uses special filters, and steeps their cold brew for over 12 hours. Enjoy a crisp, straight forward, clean cold brew that usually sells out by noon.

Cold Brews
Avondale’s best spot for Cold Brew. Via –

O’ Henry’s Coffee offers their cold brew in standard cup sizes and growlers, so you can take some home with you. Besides their most popular classic style, O’ Henry’s has a delicious vanilla infused version with pure cane sugar and a touch of milk.

Cold Brew
A perfect spot for a Cold Brew coffee. Via – O’Henry’s Coffees Facebook

Revelator Coffee Company, maybe the most sophisticated of the coffee purveyors in the city, specializes in cold brew. At Revelator you’ll get a strong, deeper flavor, with a rich almost smoky finish. This stuff is for the serious cold brew connoisseur.

Cold Brews
Revelator Coffee Company, Birmingham’s authority on Cold Brew coffee. Image by Javacia Harris Bowser. Via –

Looks like the Cold Brew craze is here to stay. Let us know…do you have a favorite Birmingham cold brew?

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