New Hilton Curio hotel plans to come to Homewood

Hilton's Curio Collection
Courtesy of Capstone Companies

Homewood’s getting its first luxury hotel and spa! See all that the Hilton Curio will offer Birmingham.

The Plans

On August 1, the Homewood Planning Commission approved Capstone Company’s plans for Homewood’s four-and-a-half star hotel and spa.

Michael Mouron, founder of Capstone Company, says he wants it to be the Homewood equivalent of the Grand Bohemian hotel in Mountain Brook.

Hilton Curio
A room from the Curio in Mobile, AL (Image courtesy of Hilton)

The hotel will be a part of Hilton’s upscale Curio Collection, which has 30 luxury hotels around the world.

Screen Shot 2017 09 12 at 7.29.13 AM New Hilton Curio hotel plans to come to Homewood
The Curio will replace Little Professor Book Center

The new Curio will replace Little Professor Book Center, Hatfield Auto, and Wolf Camera in Homewood.

Right in the heart of the bustling retail and restaurants in Homewood, the Curio will bring even more customers to these businesses.

Mouron is working to provide enough parking behind the hotel and on the corner of 27th Ave South and 18th Place South to limit traffic problems for this busy area of Birmingham.

Green Space
Hilton Curio
Courtesy of Michael Mouron

The developer has partnered with the Homewood Greenspace Initiative to include walking paths and landscaping in the plans for the new hotel.

Also, the restaurant’s outdoor dining option will allow people to enjoy all the green space this new hotel will have to offer!

The Nitty Gritty

The five-story hotel will have 129 rooms, a restaurant and bar, and a full-service spa.

Hilton Curio
The restaurant in the Curio in Mobile, AL

The restaurant and bar will be open to the public as well as the full-service luxury spa.

A post on the Friends of Homewood Hotel Facebook page says,

The hotel will showcase warm, world-class service and an environment in which guests enjoy modern, plush rooms, sensational cuisine, a full-service luxury spa and a festive atmosphere at the upscale bar and restaurant.

Mouron hopes construction will be under way by February 2018 and that the hotel will be open by spring 2019.

The hotel will staff around 57 full-time employees which will help provide jobs for people in Homewood.

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