Royal Cup Coffee buys Birmingham startup Icebox Coffee

Icebox Coffee
Image courtesy of Icebox Coffee

Birmingham cold-brew coffee startup Icebox Coffee recently merged with Royal Cup Coffee, the largest coffee company in Birmingham.  Get the details on this delicious merger here!

Icebox Coffee

Bebe Goodrich, founder & CEO of Icebox Coffee, realized her passion for cold brew coffee after making the move to Birmingham from her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Icebox Coffee
Image courtesy of Cary Norton

After searching for a replacement for the cold brew her family always kept in their ice box, Bebe decided to try her hand at making a cold brew concentrate in her garage.

Since its humble beginnings in 2012, Icebox Coffee has made a name for itself through its commitment to small-batch, quality, cold brew coffee.  After gaining momentum as a favorite at Pepper Place Farmers Market, Icebox expanded to Innovation Depot where it resides today.

Coffee lovers can find their delicious concentrates in stores like Whole Foods and Central Market, as well as online in their popular subscription packages.

Merger with Royal Cup Coffee

Recently Royal Cup Coffee, Birmingham’s most historic and well-established distributor of coffee and teas across the country, bought Icebox.  This great partnership continues Icebox’s positive momentum and gives it a wider reach through Royal Cup’s national distribution platform.

But don’t worry! Icebox will still have the same branding we all know and love and will be available for purchase at your local retailer.

Bebe will join Royal Cup as director of liquid product innovation, and all of Icebox’s full-time employees will stay on as well.

Royal Cup’s press release welcoming Icebox to the family expressed excitement for the future of the company.

Royal Cup will launch its liquid-manufacturing vertical, jumpstart the next wave of growth in the ready-to-drink beverage market and bring new and innovative products to its customers and their customers.

Icebox Coffee Royal Cup Coffee
Image courtesy of Icebox Coffee’s Facebook

What is Bebe most excited about with the recent merger?

For me, I get back to the foundation of my entrepreneurial spirit which is making great products for people.

The challenge of developing concepts is what keeps me motivated and Royal Cup will give me that opportunity (and not have to worry about all the pieces of running a small business).

I’m also excited about growing our team to include more engaging and passionate people. We can work faster, smarter, and with more momentum to build the future of liquid innovation.

-Bebe Goodrich, founder of Icebox Coffee

We are so excited to see what the future holds for Royal Cup and Icebox Coffee.  Icebox plans to move their facilities into the Royal Cup headquarters by the end of 2018.

What’s your favorite flavor of Icebox Coffee? Let us know!


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