Guide to Pizitz Food Hall

Pizitz food hall
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Pizitz Food Hall has so much to offer, we thought you just might need a guide.  Check out each of the delicious dishes at Pizitz’s restaurants!

Bitty’s Living Kitchen
Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of Bitty’s Facebook

The newest restaurant at the Pizitz, Bitty’s Living Kitchen replaces Tropicaleo as the next REVeal Kitchen.  Supported by REV Birmingham, this installment incubates up-and-coming restaurants and rotates quarterly.

Bitty’s Living Kitchen uses fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains in her breakfast and lunch ‘bliss bowls’ and ‘loaves of love.’

  • Average Price: $13
  • To Try: Summer bliss bowl with Spring Mix, Free Range Chicken, Fresh Fruit, Feta or Blue Cheese, Almonds, and Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette
Alabama Biscuit Co.

This installment at the Food Hall serves (surprise surprise) biscuits.  But these aren’t your run of the mill Pillsbury biscuits.  Alabama Biscuit Co biscuits are made with stone milled ancient grain.  To be honest, I don’t know what that is, but I’ve had their biscuits and believe me you can taste the difference.

  • Average Price: $7-$11
  • To Try: ‘The Alabama’ biscuit comes with a maple butter sauce and roasted pecans.  For a heartier meal, try their sausage egg and cheese biscuit with grass-fed cheddar and Thompson Farms pork.

And make sure to check out their Pizitz-exclusive dinner menu!

Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions
Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions

Busy Corner Cheese & Provisions is Birmingham’s first cut-to-order cheese shop and we are so glad they came to the Pizitz.  They serve cheese and charcuterie boards as well as hot & cold sandwiches.

  • Average Price: Sandwiches-$8-$10 Boards-$13-$17
  • To Try: Vermonter – a grilled cheese made with Cabot Clothbound and Granny Smith apples on sourdough bread ($9)
Pizitz Food Hall
Original image by Kristina O’Quinn

Bham Now team member Jennifer Daniel tried the Vermonter and said,

My experience was inviting, as I was able to shop while I waited on my order. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the drink selection was a nice touch, offering a variety of glass-bottled sodas and other fun beverages.

Choza Taqueria

Choza Taqueria comes to the Pizitz from New York City and we could not be more excited.  Their menu includes a variety of fresh bowls, tacos, burritos, and salads.

Pizitz Food Hall
Original image via Kristina O’Quinn
  • Average Price: $8-$10
  • To Try: Our beloved founder Cindy Martin had the Taco & Taqueria Bowl ($14) and here’s what she said:

I added a little hot sauce to my taco and then dug in. The taco had a nice bar-b-que flavor, which should be popular in Birmingham. The chicken bowl was really delicious with shredded chicken, vegetables and sticky rice.

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill
Pizitz Food Hall
Original image by Kristina O’Quinn

With homemade soups, falafel, kabobs, and schnitzel, Eli’s Jerusalem grill has every Israeli dish your heart could desire.

  • Average Price: $8-$10
  • To Try: Chicken, Beef, or Lamb Shawarma which are thin slices of the meat of your choice slow cooked on a revolving rotisserie.

Bham Now team member Liz Brody gives her tips for experiencing Eli’s,

The best way to do Eli’s is to get a friend, two different plates, and eat traditional mezze style with a beer. This is the best pita in Birmingham, trust me on that…treat yourself to a loaf and some baba ganoush, and be sure to say, “taim!” to Eli if you see him.

Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of Fero’s Instagram

Fero serves a wide scope of traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist. This full-service sit down restauarant in the Pizitz offers entrees like pork chop, pastas, and even buckwheat crepes with pork belly.

  • Average Price: Pastas-$15  Main Dishes-$25
  • To Try: Black grouper with curry leaves
Ghion Cultural Hall

Ghion Cultural Hall brings its authentic Ethiopian cuisine to Pizitz from its acclaimed restaurant in Atlanta.

Pizitz Food Hall
Original image by Kristina O’Quinn
  • Average Price: $15
  • To Try: Ye Beg Alicha – A tender lamb stew cooked with curry powder and other exotic spices

Bham Now team member Pat Byington loved his Ye Beg Alicha at the Ghion Cultural Hall and said,

I especially liked eating with my hands, with the sponge-like bread injera.  I also liked the atmosphere inside Ghion, which was calm and soothing.  A good place to sit down with friends and take in the smells and the new adventure – eating with your hands.

Ichicoro Imoto
Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of Ichicoro Imoto

Ichicoro Imoto puts a twist on your typical ramen with Latin influences.  Entrees come with ingredients like pork belly, fried garlic, scallion, corn and miso.

  • Average Price: $12-$14
  • To Try: Shoyu ramen ($13)

The fairly large bowl of Shoyu ramen was packed with smoked pork belly, boiled egg, bamboo shoots and roasted scallions. The noodles had a hearty texture, cooked al dente.

-Kristina O’Quinn

Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of what to eat in Birmingham

Lichita’s serves authentic Mexican paletas (popsicles in Spanish) using fresh, local fruit. They also offer ice cream flavors like guava, coconut, walnut, pistachio, burnt milk, cinnamon, and rice.

  • Average Price: $1.25
  • To try: the coconut paleta
The Louis

The Louis the Pizitz’s bar and the focal point of the food hall, serves cocktails, local beers, and wine.  Grab a drink before, during, or after trying one of the delicious restaurants!

Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of yelp

Abhi Sainju, chef from Bamboo on 2nd, has started his newest venture mo:mo at the Pizitz.  His new restaurant features made-from-scratch Asian dumplings and bahn mi.

  • Average Price: $7
  • To Try: Nepalese mo:mos with ground turkey and vegetables in an Alabama tomato vinaigrette
Ono Poké
Pizitz Food Hall
Original image by Kristina O’Quinn

Ono Poké serves a blend of Japanese and Hawaiian cuisine.

Each bowl incorporates raw fish and imported seaweed served on a bed of rice or greens.

  • Average Price: $12
  • To Try: Crunch Bowl with Ahi tuna on white rice

A first-timer at Pizitz Food Hall, I had no idea what to do and the nice guys at Ono Poké walked me through the ordering process (aka, I ate what they suggested and loved it).  I was pleasantly surprised at how much was packed into the 10 oz bowl and had leftovers.

-Hunter Holland (Bham Now newsletter writer)
Revelator Coffee

This minimalist coffeeshop has become wildly popular in Birmingham, making it a logical choice for the Pizitz. Stop by for a morning pick me up!

  • To Try: Iced Coffee + Steel Cut oatmeal
  • Average Price for coffee: $4
The Standard
Pizitz Food Hall
Image courtesy of the Standard

The Standard couldn’t not be at the Pizitz.  This classic American restaurant is famous for its burger and hot dogs.

  • Average Price: $8
  • To Try: Patty Melt with Pimento Cheese
Pizitz Food Hall
Original image by Kristina O’Quinn

WaffleWorks makes waffles acceptable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  With their sweet and savory combinations, it’s hard to go wrong.

  • Average Price: $10
  • To Try: Conecuh Sausage Waffle on a Stick

Our writer Victoria Lewis tried the waffle on a stick and said,

The Conecuh Sausage Waffle on a Stick was all I wanted and more. It gave me that salty sweet taste I was craving with a fun carnival concept I didn’t know I wanted. They also provided a small side of syrup for my dipping delight.

A twist on traditional Belgian waffles, WaffleWorks explores the combination of soul food and waffles, offering a variety of sweet and savory flavors and toppings.

The Pizitz not only houses these amazing restaurants, but also retail stores like Warby Parker and Yellowhammer Creative.  Not to mention Forge, the incredible coworking space coming to the second-floor mezzanine.

What’s your favorite restaurant at the Pizitz? Let us know!
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