La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries kicks off big deals!

Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover
The Bham Now Team at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Hoover. All photos are taken by Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now.

La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries is kicking off some of their biggest sales of the year with their 36 Hour Sale and Labor Day events. The Bham Now Team got wind of this and went shopping at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries in Hoover last week. Take a peek into our afternoon adventure and see which pieces were our personal favorites.

In between ooh-ing and ahh-ing over pieces throughout the showroom, we learned valuable info you only learn while furniture shopping–like the fact that there are recliners with USB hookups IN the chair. This is the future, y’all.

Each of us scoured the showroom to find our favorite piece of furniture and pretty much camped out in total comfort bliss.

See why we chose what we did:


Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

JH Daniel

I’m looking for a chair that doubles as a rocker for my newborn. This recliner is stylish, with a print that matches my nursery. Not only does it rock, it reclines and the remote-controlled function is the icing on the cake.


Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

Hunter Holland

I’m in love with tufted furniture, so I naturally gravitated toward this couch. This piece is classy and neutral while also making a statement that wouldn’t clash with colorful and eclectic wall décor. Art doesn’t have to match the couch, but it sure is nice when it does! I could easily see it in my living room.


Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

James Ozment

I mean, it had my name on it! What else could I possibly pick?

It’s not really a Bham Now takeover if there isn’t a whole lot of fun. Producers always know how to find the deals.

Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

edit DSC 0316 1 La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries kicks off big deals!

Wade Cline

I chose a coffee table that can easily transform into your own personal desk. The versatility of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries furniture was very appealing, and for the workaholic coffee drinker that I am, this is of utmost importance to me.


Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

Vicky Lewis

It was just calling my name. I’ve always been drawn to leather but this sofa had a killer color and a uniqueness I just wasn’t expecting. I could definitely see myself lounging on it and loving it for years to come.


Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

Cindy Martin

I’m a nature lover, so I’m attracted to the solid wood pieces by Kincaid. The sturdy feel and natural patina of the wood is relaxing to me and makes a good long term investment.

Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover

Upcoming La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries SALES
Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover
Back-to-back sales at La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries

“You’ll run out of time before you run out of choices.”

You can get in on the action, too. Now through Monday, August 21st, the 36 Hour Sale is on. Get up to 36% off select styles of furniture (James’ pick is in the select styles!). Plus, you’ll have 0% interest for 36 months.

The pre-Labor Day event starts on August 22nd and ramps up into the “all out” Labor Day weekend sale from September 1st-September 4th. Get 25% off store-wide PLUS no interest until January 2021.

Bham Now La-Z-Boy takeover


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