Homebrewing competition TV show wants your beer, Alabama

Beerland by VICE

Beerland is coming to Alabama July 31st-August 3rd, and we welcome the show with open arms (and full pint glasses).

If you or someone you know is the most interesting homebrewer you know, I’m gonna urge you to send in your info. Keep reading.

Beerland in Alabamaland

Beerland is a travelling homebrew competition show on VICELAND that showcases the homebrewing community in all of the nooks and crannies of the US. Each episode is titled after the state it is filmed in and is a profile of a unique homebrewers and their respective communities. Season 1 featured beautiful spots in New Mexico, New York, Northern California, Colorado, and Hawaii.

Host Meg Gill travels around visiting and immersing herself in the craft and homebrew communities, from tasting and hanging out to giving brew tips. Her favorite beer gets a chance to be brewed at her brewery, Golden Road Brewing, in Los Angeles. Oh, yeah, Meg Gill is also the youngest female brewery owner in the world. NBD.


Binge Season 1 here. You’ll like the Hawaii episode.

Beerland by VICELAND
You mean you don’t play field games for alcohol? Aloha. // Photo courtesy of VICELAND
Beerland is currently working on season 2, with Alabama being one of the pit stops.

On the agenda:

  • Find young homebrewers living in Alabama
  • Drink amazing beer
  • Showcase the unique homebrewing communities in our state

The homebrewing community is a tight-knit one, with local ingredients a-plenty and incredibly trusting friends. For real, your friends really love you if they trust you enough to try a beer you made in your backyard.

Beerland by VICE
Photo courtesy of VICELAND

Producers are looking for unique and outgoing people who are passionate about the beer they make and the community they share it with.

Do you drink your homemade lagers exclusively on the river? Take your IPAs on a picnic to Railroad Park or Vulcan (which may or may not be illegal—I dunno)? Or maybe you diversify your session beer tastings with pop-up shops at the hunting club, or pouring a few for your Young Professionals posse.

Bottom line: We don’t know your homebrewing life. But we’d sure like to.

Beerland is not only on a journey to find great tasting beers, but to highlight the homebrewing community we might not have known about otherwise.

Any homebrewers interested in sharing their story and passion should email the following Q&A to Jaime.Cooke@vice.com, ASAP (like, really—ASAP). They’ll be here July 31st-August 3rd.
  • Name, Age and Photo
  • Occupation
  • City, State
  • Years brewing
  • Why do you brew?
  • What brews might you have ready early August?
  • Where do you DRINK your brew? Any unique locations/events/gatherings etc?
  • What makes you, YOU? Other hobbies, activities you do (that you might bring a beer to!)
  • How has homebrewing impacted your life/family/community?
Except this spillage is a no-no. // Via Giphy

Tell us the name(s) of your homebrewed beer(s). Extra points for puns.
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