What you missed at the BOLD speaker series

Dave Gray BOLD speaker
All pictures courtesy of Kristina O’Quinn

Thanks to everyone who came out to hear Dave Gray at our BOLD speaker series last Thursday.  If you weren’t there, here’s what you missed.

Dave Gray BOLD Speaker
One of Avondale’s fine craft beers.

From loyal Daxko employees and college students to entrepreneurs and established businessmen and women, the BOLD Speaker series attracted a great turnout.  People from all over the city turned up to learn how to build a great company and positively impact Birmingham.

Wisdom from Dave Gray

Dave Gray BOLD speaker

Dave Gray spoke of his experience of taking over Daxko and making it the hugely successful technology company it is today.  But he didn’t just talk about business!  He gave alot of great insight on how to balance family and work in a healthy way and how to improve Birmingham’s tech scene.

Dave Gray BOLD speaker


Quotes from Dave Gray:

“Transparency and communication are the most important parts of our company culture.”

Dave Gray BOLD speaker

“I think the more you can get comfortable being uncomfortable, the more willing you are to take small risks and then bigger and bigger risks, the more you’ll realize that this stuff is all learning opportunities and it is rarely fatal.”

Dave Gray BOLD speaker

“Be very deliberate, as deliberate about your free time as you are about what you’re doing are at work.”

Dave Gray BOLD speaker

“I think we have a bit of an inferiority complex in Birmingham.  To me, there’s this palpable sense that we don’t live up to our potential as a city…We have got to figure out how to act more cooperatively.”

Sloss Tech Winner
Dave Gray BOLD speaker
Justin Parrish won two tickets to Sloss Tech 2017!

If you missed the event, you also missed our Sloss Tech 2017 ticket giveaway.  Justin Parrish was the lucky winner of two Sloss Tech tickets, a value of more than $400.

If you’re as bummed as I am about not winning, don’t fret!  You still have a chance to win.  See how you can enter our giveaways here.

Dave Gray BOLD Speaker
Some of the Bham Now team

Thanks for coming out in the rain to learn a little more about Bham Now.  Stay tuned for our next BOLD speaker coming soon!

Who do you want to hear as the next BOLD speaker?  Let us know!
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