Guide to the best Birmingham bakeries

Birmingham Bakeries
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Wake up and smell the croissants!  Birmingham has so many amazing bakeries that it’s hard to choose a favorite.  Here are some of our top picks from all over the city.  Have you tried these Birmingham bakeries?

Birmingham Breadworks
Birmingham Bakeries
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In the heart of Southside, Birmingham Breadworks has some of the best bread in town.  Their bread is served not only in their restaurant, but also at Melt, Paramount, Bistro 216 and Galley and Garden.

However, the owner of Birmingham Breadworks wants to do more than just make amazing bread.

I want to create a business that draws the community together. Not only do I want lots of local customers but I want people to see that you can change careers, start a new business, and really make difference in your neighborhood and city. I want Birmingham Breadworks to do that.

-Brooks Taylor, Owner and Baker

Birmingham Breadworks offers an assortment of croissants, baguettes, and cinnamon rolls that just might make you tear up.

Try the Alabama Bird or the Chickin Lickin sandwich for lunch one day this week (I highly recommend).  You can see more items on their menu here.

Bandit Baking Co

Bandit Baking Co shares its space with Feast & Forest in downtown Birmingham.  They are dedicated to bringing seasonally inspired sweet and savory pastries to your plate.

They not only serve all sorts of sweet and savory croissants and scones but also pies and cakes.

Make sure you grab one of their scones and a coffee next time you’re downtown!  See how you can order your own cake or pie here.

Crestline Bagel Co
Birmingham Bakeries
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Crestline Bagel serves delicious bagel sandwiches of all flavors and varieties for breakfast or lunch-goers.  In addition, they serve a variety of freshly baked breads, muffins, and even treats for your furry friends.

Egg and sausage bagels, bagels with cream cheese, pizza bagels…need I say more?  Make sure you check out their catering options with their sister company Crestline catering!

The Continental Bakery

The Continental Bakery in English village is one of my favorite spots on a Saturday morning.  This quintessential French bakery serves delicious croissants, breads, and, of course, coffee.

The Continental Bakery prides itself on its authenticity to European bread recipes and natural ingredients.  Their eclectic collection of antiques and artwork give this bakery a unique charm.

See more of their baked goods and their sister restaurant Chez Lulu here!

Klingler’s European Bakery & Cafe

Speaking of European bakeries, Klingler’s historic bakery has been gracing Birmingham with delightful German pastries and dishes since 1982.  This German family business, tucked away in Vestavia, will blow you away.

Birmingham bakeries
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Originally serving hotels and restaurants, Klingler’s then opened a bakery in Alabaster in 1987.  Demand for their delicious German cakes and pastries moved them to their current location in Vestavia Hills in 1991.

Birmingham Bakeries
Klingler’s Sausage Sampler dish (Via Facebook)

From delicious blintzes (crepes) to smoked sausage in puff pastry and from blueberry cream pancakes to cinnamon roll waffles, Klingler’s has every delicious breakfast your heart could desire.

Birmingham bakeries
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Klingler’s was recently named one of the 120 “Best of Birmingham” by Birmingham Magazine. And if that wasn’t saying enough, Klingler’s Black Forest Cake was chosen as one of the “100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die” by the Alabama Bureau of Tourism & Travel.

Have another favorite bakery?  Let us know!
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