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You can still save on taxes this back-to-school season, you just have to think about it earlier – via

You’ll want to mark this on your calendar.  Alabama passed a law to change the school sales tax holiday, so tomorrow Birmingham will review its own tax holiday law.

The Alabama sales tax holiday has long occurred on the first weekend of August, right before school starts.  Since its inception, schools have started earlier, sometimes earlier than the tax holiday itself.  In order to let students come to school prepared, the Alabama legislature amended the holiday to occur the third weekend of July.  Now, the Birmingham City Council wants to make the same change.  The change has been recommended by Mayor Bell.

The tax holiday, according to WSFA 12 News, actually leads to an increase in overall tax revenue.  Only certain items are tax-free, so when you do your shopping, you might also buy some items not covered by the holiday.

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What’s covered

Items to be exempted include any clothing items that cost below $100, sports equipment, up to $750 of electronics to be used for school (not video games, sorry), and any school supplies costing below $50 per item.  Printer ink counts!  Even if you don’t have kids, you could stock up on ink or toner for your home.

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The holiday is like a 10% discount on ink for anyone without kids! – via ebay

For a full list of supplies that will be tax-exempt this July (not August!), click here.

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