Forge at The Pizitz offers new office space concept

Forge at The Pizitz Building Birmingham
Each Office looks over “The Louis” & Food Hall

It’s official! The Pizitz is now the one-stop shop for Birmingham. Why? In addition to the uber-popular Pizitz Food Hall and gorgeous residential space on the upper floors, a new concept in professional co-working space is opening on the second floor mezzanine.

It’s called Forge, and here’s what you need to know.


Resting upon the mezzanine of The Pizitz, it’s noticeable from the Food Hall, separated by glass panes. As you walk into the 2nd level office concept, there is an overwhelming sense of innovation and modern design.

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The layout encompasses Birmingham’s spirit of entrepreneurism. Open, lively, cooperative and impressive all come to mind when you experience the Forge space.

As our entrepreneurs and startup eco-system in the city continue to emerge and thrive, the need for flexible office space, such as Forge, is ever so relevant.

Founder and Visionary – Kim Lee

Kim Lee, founder of Forge, graduated from Samford University with a bachelor’s degree in business. From there she continued her education with a masters in counseling.

Forge at The Pizitz
Founder of Forge – via Linkedin

Kim is using this combination of degrees in her new venture. After working in business operations, Kim said she discovered a love of serving people through business.

Often, entrepreneurs and small-business owners can easily become discouraged when they work from home due to isolation. Kim’s passion for serving people and their businesses led her to research new ideas, in co-working spaces among other cities.

Forge: a new path for Birmingham

Surprisingly, Birmingham lacked a place for young businesses to gather and grow collectively. Other cities have seen the benefits of collaborative workspaces and now Birmingham is joining the progress.

“It’s an exciting time for business owners in Birmingham, but now we get to have a bigger impact together.”-Kim Lee

Forge at The Pizitz
via Wade Cline

Clearly, joining a vibrant, collaborative community of business people gives an energy that just can’t be matched by working from home.

According to Lee, ‘7 out of 10 companies that join a co-working space see an increase in revenue… ‘

“One of the biggest drivers of this trend in Birmingham is people wanting to work downtown.

They are resisting the urge to comply with traditional office structures and are seeking an office environment that fosters organic networking.

This coupled with the desire to live in a vibrant urban core is at the heart of The Pizitz where people can truly live, work and play.”

– Jeffery Bayer exclaimed to Lee and Bham Now

Forge offers an alternative for startups and small businesses. Instead of signing an expensive long-term lease, Forge offers a more affordable, collective work environment that fosters new ideas and provides pretty cool amenities.

See more of what Forge has in store for Birmingham in the video (1:20) below.


This 13,000 square foot mezzanine space, overlooking The Pizitz Food Hall, offers uniquely flexible and highly affordable options, including;

  • 8 hours per week
  • $75/Month
Part Time
  • 20 hours per week
  • $175/Month
Full Time
  • 24/7 coworking access
  • 5 conference room credits
  • $350/Month
After Hours
  • After hours access only
  • $100/Month

There are private office offerings, starting at $800, that include all the benefits of a full time member. 

Memberships occur on a month-to-month basis with a 2-month minimum.  This flexibility gives you the ability to change your membership level as your company grows.

IMG 0747 1 Forge at The Pizitz offers new office space concept
The beautiful Pizitz building – via Wade Cline

One of Forge’s first member company’s is Groovy Marketing, lead by CEO Josh Rhodes. His take on Forge is perfect;

“Birmingham has a shortage of co-working space and having Forge here to fill that gap is going to be fantastic!

Forge is the manifestation of Birmingham stepping up to the ‘adult table’ of commerce, from the ‘kiddie table’… We no longer need to admire other market places, because we are defining our own unique voice.”

The Member Benefits

All memberships include the following amenities:

  • Innovative and Collaborative Workspaces
  • Member only events and education
  • Conference Rooms
  • High speed Internet
  • Endless Coffee
  • Unique meet-ups with other Forge tenants

Optional benefits for additional fees include;

  • Access to affordable Healthcare
  • Fitness Room
  • Onsite parking
  • Sauna
  • Rooftop Pool

Plus, Forge businesses are within walking distance of world-class restaurants. Can you say, downstairs?  Being in the heart of bustling downtown Birmingham is a plus in so many ways.

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Why the Pizitz

Built in 1923, the historic Pizitz building formerly housed the flagship Pizitz department store.

Birmingham, Alabama, Forge
Pizitz building in 1949 via Google Images

Upon renovation, Bayer Properties knew they wanted the second floor mezzanine to include a coworking space to spur Birmingham’s entrepreneurial community.

Forge – had looked at a few different buildings around the city, but when The Pizitz came calling, Mrs. Lee knew it was perfect for Forge’s new home.

It doesn’t get any better than being at The Pizitz.

It’s what they’re doing with the food downstairs, with the living upstairs, and now with working in this concept…

Bayer properties has created a spot that is really going to change the scene of Birmingham.

-Kim Lee

Open date is planned for mid August and space is limited. Kim Lee is offering tours, so, apply here before they fill up!

Your business will thank you.

“The Pizitz is home to many different concepts and we are excited to work with Forge on adding co-working space into our ever-evolving community. ”

– Bayer

Want to try Forge out for a day or for a week as a test-run? Contact them here.

For more information contact Kim Lee –!

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